How To Make Money Streaming Your Music

Do you want to know the methods on how to make money streaming your music?

Here are 8 ideas you can use for unsigned independent artists.

8 Idea On How To Make Money Streaming Your Music

1) Distribute your music without a label

While it’s true that the digital music distribution power provided by a big label to artists is very lucrative for those who sign the dotted line, you can easily distribute your music without label.

Plus, you do not have to spend your entire promotional budget or if you do it yourself.

If you put your music on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and other platforms, it will be available to your fans wherever they listen to music.

Obviously, it takes some patience and you have to create quality music similar to if you were going to sell it in stores.

But it gives you your own platform to promote your music and make your fans grow organically.

2) Give your music away for free. But do it with style

It is not enough anymore to sell your album.

The free streaming sites certainly made things a bit strange when it comes to selling music.

However, consumers are still trying to support music.

Audiences only need something special and you can give away music for free and tell them to join your email list so you can communicate again in the future.

Think about it…

How awesome would it be to email 175,000 excited fans about your upcoming show, gig or performance at the 02 Arena?

That is why many artists have started giving away free albums, but with additional things included in the offer.

3) Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the fastest growing places for musicians to sell their music.

It is an online community where people can sell their services starting at $ 5, including rhythms, songs, music video ads and other services related to music.

For example, small businesses will pay you to sing their jingle or video introduction in your own unique style.

4) Get In Syncs

Synchronization, sometimes called placements, refers to music used in other media, such as television shows, movies or advertisements.

The arrangements are usually made through music supervisors or placement agents.

They use audio libraries to find music for their projects.

Music For Ads is one of the best places to start with Syncs.

They put artists in contact with television projects and smaller films that need music.

5) Super-Fans

Money is not the most valuable currency in music. It is fandom.

It’s hard work cultivating super fans.

But in the end, this will pay the most.

It means being a first person someone thinks about in the morning who doesn’t even know you.

And the best musician expects people to love the music that they produce.

Super fans love your music and support you in everything they can.

So talk to your fans. Find them face to face. Be there when you contact.

It’s so easy now on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

6) The regular ‘ole payment for the stream

Some people call it “royal master”. Others call it “the royalty of an artist”.

Technically, the payment of your licensed sound recording is always a reliable source of income.

Pro Tip: CD Baby is an online store for independent music distribution.

This is one of my best discoveries.

If you are distributing your music through CD Baby, Spotify pays you every time your music is broadcasted.

Radio stations around the world will also contribute to your royalty payments if you get airplay.

You will find a complete report on sales and payments in the accounting part of your business tools and dashboard.

How much will I get paid? CD Baby pay between $10 and $10,000 every Monday to artists whose account balance has reached the minimum amount.

Of course, the amount you receive will depend on your earnings from streaming and other channels.

7) Mechanical royalties

There is a mechanical royalty every time you write streaming music on services like Spotify and Apple Music.

With Spotify, these mechanical tasks are not paid directly to the composers of independent songs, but (in the US) to the Harry Fox Agency or to the MAH.

If you have many plays on Spotify, these tasks increase and accumulate without collecting them if a publication manager is not working for you.

With CD Baby Pro, they act as your publication manager and ensure that all published duties are paid.

This includes mechanical duties for global broadcasts and international downloads.

As well as performance duties for radio, television and film use, live venues, etc.

8) Performance royalties

If you are registered as a composer and song editor with a performance rights organization such as ASCAP or BMI, you will get these duties through which you can find any Spotify playback.

If you are not yet registered with a rights organization, find an online music distributor.

They will partner with you as a songwriter with ASCAP or BMI, record your songs in the compilation societies around the world and make sure you have covered all your songs publication duties.

In conclusion, be sure to choose the method that suits your personal vision when it comes to how to make money streaming your music.

Faithful in your success! 

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