Is UserTesting Legit?

What Is UserTesting All About?

Are you wondering, ‘Is UserTesting legit?’ Here is the information you need to make your decision.

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Site owners often think about what a visitor thinks when they visit their site for the first time and it can be difficult to know if they really don’t see what a visitor is doing.

That’s where ‘UserTesting’ comes in to play.

The User Terms allow site owners how visitors interact with their site so they can solve problems or improve the user experience? It also allows you to pay a visit to the website, complete some tasks and register your comments using the site.

It can be fun and rewarding to provide comments on a site and express the usual complaints you have when paying in the process. According to UserTesting, some of the leading companies used the Terms of use, including Airbnb, Expedia, Facebook, Intuit and even Walmart.


How does the UserTesting work?

Then you will need a download screen software called installusertesting-v2.0.exe. This is not a malware and do not worry, do not record your face. You can only record your screen during the test. When you have completed a user test, it will then load a screen with its sound when you have finished the test. Once it starts, you will get a test or default setting to make sure you qualify. Then, it may take a few days to review your test and you will not be paid. Once you have approved, you can start user test sites.

If it passes, you will get a rating. The higher the grade, the greater the probability of obtaining more tests. The tasks usually take about 20 minutes to complete and, throughout the process, provide a current comment, thinking hard so that the site owner has a good idea of ​​the user experience. You get $ 10 every time you give your opinion if you are testing the site from a computer or laptop, and $ 15 if you interact with the site using a mobile device. You must be paid 7 days after taking the exam.


Advantages for the UserTesting

  • Fun and satisfaction: it can be nice to give your opinion and pay for the process. It can also be very happy to improve the web exposing the problems of the site so that the owner of the web can configure it
  • Good pay: unlike survey sites, you only get the amount of time you spend, at least with a User Test you can earn $ 10 or $ 15 in a few minutes when you qualify for a test.


Disadvantages of the UserTesting

  • There is not enough work: the amount of evidence you get depends largely on your demographic data and your commitment to verify them. Even if you get good grades for your tasks, you can spend a lot of time looking for enough work, probably due to too many claims and not having enough job offers from web owners.
  • Lost time: You can spend a lot of time searching for qualifying tests and then requiring you to conduct a survey before coming to the test, collecting information for free and, as a result, you are not qualified. You are not looking for the industry.
  • Very high bar: I think there is enough to do with this excessive saturation of the business. With many testers it is difficult to remain qualified without some low stars and then be rejected for future tests. Also the requirements for the test can be high. If you are a student or unemployed, it is unlikely that many tests will be done.
  • It can be disappointing: some have complained that UserTesting works if the job is available, just to qualify for it as soon as you register, type Bait and Switch
  • Unfair qualification system: the rankings appear to be arbitrary, unfair and may affect your ability to find work in the future. With customers reviewing workers, there should be a second grade student, such as User Tests. In addition, companies that use the tests do not have to improve their positions at a pace and it may be more difficult to obtain new evidence when it begins. It is important to get a 5 star rating. If you have a rating of less than 5 stars, you probably will not receive other tests and will not be able to earn money.

Is UserTesting Legit?: How can you expect reasonable earnings?

With User Test, the payment is good enough at $ 10 per test and each test takes about 20 minutes. So, if I could take a test within an hour, I could earn about $ 30 for hours of work. However, it is supposed to have a lot of work and, unfortunately, if it does not fit a particular demographic, the work can be irregular and will depend on where you live and the evidence. Available at the moment.


9 Tips To Help You With UserTesting

  1. Read the tasks carefully: make sure you meet all the tests that apply to you. This seems obvious, but many people forget to follow the tasks in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Consider the time: keep the time limit on the initial practice test or you may have a bad grade.
  3. Say every step of the way: you must count every step of the process.
  4. Speak out loud: nobody can read your mind, so give a current comment about your ideas. Also, continue asking questions and comments to explain what you are thinking.
  5. Good audio quality: Be sure to invest in a reasonable microphone and try to find one that has canceled noise capabilities if there is background noise.
  6. Relax while doing the tests: it is better that you see yourself as authentication and not as a robot, so make sure you cannot rate your speech with “um” or “er”. Try not to be anxious and worry too much about the listener.
  7. Use the pause button: while you should try to prepare for everything before starting the test, there will be times when a person or someone puts the phone on you. It is perfectly acceptable to use the pause button occasionally.
  8. Do some research: investigate what the evaluators are expected to do or say during an exam so you can pass your practice exam and pay for the exams that follow.
  9. Keeping the website in the background: it is better to keep the website in the background and, therefore, when there is evidence available, you can choose it. If you do not have an open opportunity, you will lose more, unlike all the tests.


To answer,  ‘Is UserTesting legit?, yes it is a real site where people are making money online.

You don’t have to make wealth, or even earn full-time income, but you can earn extra money for yourself? Keep the record in a backyard and, if you have some free time, you can continue the test.

I think that sites like UserTesting are saturated with evaluators, so it is harder to get tests that qualify for them, even if they belong to the right demographics and have good grades.

Many complained about the arbitrary nature of the rating system, which means that you may have a low rating even if you follow the instructions and complete the tests.

Big corporations are just looking for an excuse to pay you.


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