Get Money For Walking App

Get Money For Walking App: Try These 6 Easy Ideas

Are you curious to find a get money for walking app? The good news is that they do exist and it is possible for you to earn money just by walking, jogging or running.

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Can You Really Get Paid For Walking?

Truth be told, the simplest ways to earn money usually aren’t very rewarding, and the most profitable gigs usually aren’t very easy.

But you can still earn a few extra dollars and get paid for everyday activities.

Walking, eating, watching television and even sleeping can be monetized nowadays.

You might be getting paid to walk with the dog whilst racking up miles for a measure counter application and getting paid to listen to a podcast, all at the same time.


6 of the Easiest Ways to Make Money:

Below are examples of the simplest ways to earn money, including leisure activities that are doable on the laziest of Sundays.

1) Walking –

Walking could possibly be the hardest way to earn money on this list, as its physical exercise many people Americans appear to dread.

The upside is that this task is ripe for pairing with some other applications or solutions.


2) Sweatcoin –

Utilizing GPS navigation location information on your smartphone, Sweatcoin can monitor every step you take when you’re out jogging or walking.

I personally use this Sweatcoin app and you can get it for free here.

Each measure earns some points for Sweatcoins, which may be redeemed or donated for money, prizes or a trip to Borneo.

If you go for the Marathon goal you can even get paid via PayPal.

Keep in mind, the points are small and take a while to build up.


3) People Walker –

That’s a side gig application that will pay you to walk through and speak with individuals in your area.

There are some distinct classifications applicants may select, including educating someone about a certain subject during your walk or simply heading out and researching the town or a nature trail.


4) Rover –

Animal lover? Rover is the side gig application for you.

Dog walking is among the various themed services available on the app.

Make sure to log your steps to double up about earnings.


5) Browsing the Internet –

It’s no real surprise that many people use Google to search the web, but Microsoft’s Bing comes in second place.

To get more users onboard, exactly the company pays individuals to search with Bing throughout the Microsoft Rewards program.

Bing users enrolled in the program make five points per search, and also the points can be redeemed for present cards, movies or games, or donated to charities.

Another more profitable way to make cash as you browse is through side gigs that test the effectiveness of social network advertisements and search engines.

Lionbridge and Appen are among the most famous places to land this kind of part-time work.

This can be done 100% remotely.

Pay is typically around $5 – $12 a hour.


6) Listening to Podcasts –

Thanks to Podcoin, were in the golden age of podcasts. Did you know you can get paid to listen to podcasts?

This compelling app can be implemented into our every day lives through commutes, chores and work out sessions.

There’s a ton of cash to be made making podcasts, but it’s also possible to make a little listening to them.

Podcoin is an application that rewards its listeners one Podcoin per ten minutes.

Listeners can choose from a big catalogue of podcasts and start earning.


In summary, I hope this helps you with your fitness journey and gives you that extra bit of motivation by using a get money for walking app.


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