Income Tax Refund New York

Are you expecting an income tax refund New York?  Here are some tips to help you out, read more.

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New York income tax returns for the 2019 fiscal year can be submitted by email with the IRS income tax return until October 15, 2020. In January 2020, you can obtain the fiscal year of the electronic file of 2019.

EFile makes it easy for you to file your tax return from the IRS.  And the state of New York (for example, residents, non-residents or part-time residents). However, the IRS and state tax agencies respectively require.  That you file an electronic federal income tax return while sending a state tax return to an electronic return. This policy is not just an IRS policy and a state agency. Therefore you cannot technically make an electronic file anywhere.  Not just eFile and a New York tax return without filing the IRS tax return. But there is good news read on.

Detailed instructions on how you can not only prepare and publish – eFile – New York Tax Return 2019 – here is not through However, you must download / print and sign the forms and send them to the New York Tax Agency; the address is on the form.


E-File this is the New York state tax form 2019

Prepare and use these state forms for 2019 along with your federal and state tax returns. When going through the tax interview on, the application will select the appropriate state forms for you. You can also select tax forms individually. Then you will send all these forms to the state tax agency.


How to make a file for an automatic New York tax extension

For fiscal year 2018, you can extend E-Tax before April 15, 2020 for free on (instructions on whether or not to consider the tax extension). If you are sure that you cannot file your New York return before the due date, you must submit Form IT-370 (to be submitted) before April 15, 2020 to obtain an automatic extension of 6 months to file your return. (Not paid) The due date of the tax return due is October 15, 2020. Please note that New York does not accept the federal extension form as an extension of your New York tax return.

However, if you expect income taxes, you must submit your payment with Form IT-370 before April 15, 2020, or accumulate fines and interest for late payments. If you have submitted your return and are paying by check or money order, you must complete Form IT-370 on If you are paying by credit card, a Form IT-370 is not required.  So If you make an automatic payment, you must use Form IT-370 if it is not done electronically. Use and prepare a New York tax return to find out what your income tax payment in New York will be.


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