Tax Breaks Home Ownership

Here is the key information about tax breaks home ownership.

Home ownership can be a financial burden, and even when you do not struggle with making mortgage payments, the tax benefits available for homeowners can really add up to a juicy amount.


Why tax breaks home ownership?

Since the expenses of home ownership exceed the principal loan amount to include maintenance, interest and more, tax breaks are an effective way to lighten your finances at tax time.

Every one of those tax breaks are considered tax reductions, and may only be taken whenever you itemize your taxes.

Which implies that you’ll not be capable to use the standard deduction and claim these tax breaks without some planning.


Itemizing tax deductions

Nevertheless, if itemizing is in your favour, here are some home ownership tax breaks you need to use.

1) Mortgage Interest

Every mortgage payment includes mortgage interest, and towards the end of the year, your interest can add up to be several thousand dollars.

This is among the biggest home ownership deductions available because you get a tax break for the full amount of mortgage interest you paid through the year.

Whenever your taxes are prepared, the amount of mortgage interest listed on your Form 1098 needs to be recorded in Table A, Line 10.

You may also knows points as discount points, origination fees or a loan discount, these are all eligible tax breaks.

Your mortgage will need to meet qualification requirements, the loan must be for your principal residence and the points payment must be inside the normal range for your area.


2) Real Estate Taxes

Every year, your home’s value is valued and real estate taxes are assigned.

These real estate taxes are added into your mortgage.

Each mortgage payment includes a part of your real estate taxes.

Whenever you receive your Form 1098, the amount of real estate taxes you paid through the year will be listed.

This amount, which is typically a considerable amount of mortgage payments, can be deducted at tax time.

Real estate taxes are recorded as a detailed deduction on Schedule A, Line 6.


3) Private Mortgage Insurance

Whether you have got a private mortgage insurance policy which was issued after 2006, the premiums can be deducted as pre-paid interest.

The total amount you paid in PMI can be found on your Form 1098.

When preparing taxes, the PMI premium deduction can be taken on Schedule A, Line 13.


4) Home Improvements

Home improvement costs won’t become a tax break until you sell a house, after which they’re added onto the basis of your home.

This is a huge potential area to save on taxes if you have invested in your home.

Keep all of your receipts anytime you take on a brand new project, including window upgrades and fences.

While tax breaks home ownership offers many advantages, there are several costs of home ownership that can’t be deducted.

Homeowner’s and fire insurance can’t be deducted, even when they’re a portion of your mortgage payment.

I hope that this simple summary is helpful to you today.

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