In the Spotlight: Ross the Web Designer for Musicians!

Ross how are you today? Tell us a bit about what you do…accountant for musicians

Hey Ruth! First off, thanks so much for the opportunity to chat with you today. Really appreciate it!

I’m a web designer who specialises in the design for bands and musicians. I’ve been doing this for around 3 years full time, and it’s been a really great (but sometimes challenging) journey!

You also co-host Bridge the Atlantic. Tell us more?

I do, indeed! Bridge The Atlantic is an interview podcast that I set up with a client of mine, Marcio Novelli. I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland and he’s based in Toronto, Canada (which is where the name came from), and together we interview musicians and creative entrepreneurs in a show which aims to be a mix of entertaining and informative. We’ve had some pretty awesome guests including musicians such as Tyler Hilton, Ron Pope and one of my teenage idols, Nick Thomas of the Spill Canvas.

What has been your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome this?

There have definitely been quite a few challenges – but I guess that’s pretty normal whenever you’re starting a new business. There’s definitely a big learning curve. I think for me, one of the biggest challenges has been just balancing everything that needs to be done on a daily/weekly basis. I’ve started outsourcing little bits and pieces to people which has really helped to lighten the load and allow me to focus on the bigger things that need to be done.

You’ve worked with over 100 artists in your website design business. Who has been the biggest/your favourite?

I would say the biggest artists I’ve worked with are Tyler Hilton (One Tree Hill, Walk The Line, Extant), Supreme Entertainment Artists (tour booking for Lee DeWyze, Taylor Hicks, John Waite), Demir Demirkan (writer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 winner “Every Way That I Can”) and Mark Seymour, who is a really successful Australian Artist.

I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite 😉

You’re fuelled by coffee; I’m fuelled by green tea! What else keeps you going each day?

I’m generally pretty motivated, but as cheesy as it may sound, my love of music keeps me going – I really get a buzz from working with musicians whose music I enjoy and believe in.

Can you tell us what you have planned for the year?

I do have quite a few upcoming client projects, and I’m really excited about the guests we’re lining up for Bridge The Atlantic – but I can’t really say too much about any of that right now, I’m afraid!

How do you make sure you give your clients exactly what they need?

I like each project to be as collaborative as possible, so I try and keep my clients involved in entire process. We always have a chat (either via email or Skype) about what the main purpose of their website is going to be, what designs they like and we basically take things from there. I’m really focused on making sure we end up with the best result possible and keeping my clients happy is really important to me. Good communication is definitely key!

Who are your 3 current favourite artists?

I am LOVING Mads Langer, Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits & Amber Run at the moment.

At this point in your career, what is the main advice you would want from Tax Twerk (online bookkeeping service)?

The main advice that I would want would be what I could claim as expenses, and how to most effectively keep records! I think I’m generally pretty good at this, but we can always learn more, I’m sure!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Where can we find and follow you online?

Thank you so much! You can find me at:

Electric Kiwi:

Bridge the Atlantic:

Twitter: @electrickiwi / @bridge_atlantic



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