In the Spotlight: Rueben Wood – Celeb Journalist in Atlanta

What’s up Rueben! It’s great to connect with Celeb Journalist in Atlanta! TeRueben Woodll us a bit about yourself…

Well, I started out in the entertainment industry in 2010 right after I graduated school. Now being only 23 I have founded one of the biggest media companies to be ran by only one person in the US. My company covers a wide range of media and news from Business, Entertainment, Fashion, World News, Music, and more. I made my transition into media in 2011, originally a hip hop and r&b artist known as Yung Bank it was hard to do so. My fans wouldn’t let me live that down at first and it took some time for people to catch but we are finally making more progress than ever before.

Who should be reading Spaced Out Magazine right now?

Everyone, with so much content we cater to almost every age.

What inspired you to start your own ventures?

As an artist I lacked so much knowledge about the industry and I wanted to learn more, so when I did I knew I wanted to help other like minded artist like myself to have more of a lane to promote themselves. Unfortunately there wasn’t many who thought like I did, so I began doing promotions for major labels and their artist.

I can tell your into Tech – What has been your best app/website discovery this year?

I would have to say tweetdeck is at the top of my list next to my tunein radio app. Tweetdeck allows you send out as many tweets as you want form as many twitter profiles as you want.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Winning the emerging business award from my home town Brunswick, GA.

What makes your style different?

I have been setting trends for awhile now, so I think just choosing to be me makes me different.

If you could get the perfect help from an online tax return service, what would they do for you?

Organize all of my contacts, and help with my scheduling.

Some of our readers are trying to grow their brands – can you give our readers 1 tip for success?

Promote yourself everyday, get as much press as you can, whether free or paid, and lastly invest in yourself.

What is the biggest accomplishment you would like make in the next 5 years?

To take my company public!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Where can we find and support you online? and



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