In the Spotlight: Country Artist Doug Briney

1. Hi Doug how are you today? Tell us a bit about yourself & your music?

First, thank you for the opportunity to share. Well, I’m a Pastor, Husband, Dad and Country Musician now living in Nashville, TN. I’d classify my music as “Positive Country.”

2. Who are your top musical inspirations?

I’d have to say the tops on my list are: Toby Keith, Ronnie Dunn, Chris Young, Jennifer Nettles and Vince Gill.

3. What big things do you have planned this year?

The big plans for me this year really boil down to getting out and playing bigger shows with my band, Fairs, Festivals and such. I’m also in the very beginning of thinking of a new project which will be more of a Country Gospel project.

4. You have an awesome new single ‘Pretty Big Deal’, who can relate to this song?Doug Briney Tax Twerk Online Bookkeeping

My hope is that any parent can relate as well as younger adults who can look back at their childhood and smile when they think about their parents. The song is really about that time in kids’ lives when mom and dad can do no wrong.

5. Do you make music on your own, or do you have a team?

LOL- yes and yes. Usually the music I write and make on my own no one will ever hear. But I’m working on my writing as a craft and am getting better at it all the time. I work with several other writers at different times depending on the song and as a team I think the songs come out much stronger.

6. What inspired you to help the Parkinson’s Foundation and veterans?

Our Veteran’s are extremely important to me! I come from a long line of family who have served our country and have a son who currently serves. So for me doing what I can to show my appreciation is a no-brainer. As far as the National Parkinson’s Foundation (NPF), one of my good friends and co-writers has Parkinson’s. He wrote a poem a few years back after a particularly bad day and from the reactions people had of his shaking. We took that poem and I re-wrote it and put music to it, turned it into a song and then my band and I recorded it. My co-writer and I both thought the NPF might like the song and we basically gave them the song to use as they see fit. We are donating a large part of the profits to the NPF to help with the research, public education and awareness of Parkinson’s.

7. At this point in your career, what is the main advice you would want from an online bookkeeping service?

LOL- Where does all the money go? Seriously, the advice I guess I would like is more along the lines of how to better use the limited resources I have.

8. You’re also an ordained pastor, – can you give our readers 1 tip for growing their faith and positivity?

The best advice or tip I can give is to realize that when your faith is waning or you find yourself struggling, remember God hasn’t changed, His principles have not changed and when you feel disconnected from God, it is because you have moved away, not God. Realize that and then begin to move yourself back in line with His ways and put yourself under His authority and your faith will blossom and grow.

9. What is life like for a country singer in today’s times?

I think it is a very interesting time. I think over the next year or two you are going to see a major shift in what is popular on the radio as we move away from the “Bro-Country” and go back to a more traditional sound. As far as daily life, it is very busy for me, between my responsibilities as a husband, dad, pastor and to my band and career, I often laugh when people ask me what I do in my spare time. I don’t have spare time, I work long days and practice late into the nights. I think as an independent artist that is what it takes to be successful. Hard work, long late hours and making the most of every opportunity.

10. It is definitely worth it! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Where can we find and follow you online?

Again, thank you! My website is you can find all my social media page links there, a store to get my music as well as direct links to iTunes for digital purchases.

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