How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website: I Reveal The Methods I Use To Get Half a Million Viewers On Pinterest!

Pinterest is so hot right now. It is the best opportunity on the web at this time for growing an online business. So many people are wondering about how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website. Learn these methods right now and apply it in your business for more website traffic and sales.

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Warning: Social Media changes fast so if you don’t take action on Pinterest now you could miss the boat completely.

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Case Study: How I Got Over 504,600 Viewers On Pinterest

This is a software that helped me go from ZERO Pinterest followers to over 263,900 monthly viewers (See me in the Pinterest screenshot below).

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Truthfully, only 5 months ago I NEVER used Pinterest on this profile… I didn’t know it was a secret goldmine for my online business…

Affiliate marketing has changed my life.  I am SO grateful to earn income every single day online, grow my business, travel and have fun my way.

You can do it too, you simply need to get the missing pieces of the puzzle and use the systems that work.

Additionally, you can see my 2nd Pinterest account in the photo below with over 240,700 monthly viewers.
How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website 2
I have been using this method and I continue to get free targeted traffic daily.
In total that is over half a million monthly viewers every month on my accounts.

It is outstanding and I am very blessed for this opportunity to grow my platform.

  • What could you do in your business with half a million monthly viewers on your own blog/website? 
  • Are you ready to learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website?
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In summary, pinning content is super easy and actually enjoyable to get paid. Although, it does take commitment, consistency and delayed gratification.

Sidenote: There’s no need to upload duplicate content.

You can stick to using 1 account if you’re a beginner.

I just happened to have an older personal account and a new business account to work with.

If you’re in a rush, Pin this on Pinterest to read it later and share it by clicking the image below:

How To 10X Your Results On Pinterest Automatically

If you want to save yourself a boatload of time you can automate the process (as much as possible).

This has saved myself and other entrepreneurs countless hours. Instead of sitting on your laptop you can go outside, travel, give the kids a bath, or work on other business development areas.

As a result, you could end up making more money and getting more sales with an automated process running in the background.

In reality, there are TWO top recommendations that I have for the best Pinterest automation software:

1) Tailwind

When you buy this software AUTOMATED you do not have to pay for any advertising costs >> the actual Pinterest traffic is free (my simple summary).

I spoke about this Tailwind software in the previous sections specifically.
The way to use Tailwind effectively is to join big ‘Tribes’ and begin pinning in the Tribes and re-pin other people’s posts too.
Pro Tip: You can also schedule all of your pins with Tailwind but definitely go straight to the Tribes if you don’t have a lot of pins ready yet.
This is how you grow the views on your pins.
Your actual results will depend on the quality and attractiveness of your graphics, headlines and descriptions.

Why do you want followers?

To put it simply, followers is the first step for building the relationship.

This software gives you the opportunity to get more clicks, re-shares and targeted traffic the more that you use it.

To go the extra mile, they even give you a suite of training videos that really go into depth about how to use Pinterest successfully for an online business.

Which Pinterest Software Automation Should I Buy?

When it comes to how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website (and other topics) People ask me, ‘Which one should I buy? What is the best one?’

There is no ‘one’ magic software. They all work to get the results over time.

That’s the short straight to the point answer.

As you know, I use an artillery of automation software.

I buy them all and I am not afraid to invest in myself, or my business, because it always pays off.

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website: How Does Pinterest Work?

Basically, if you are in a business of some kind you’ll want to get the automated software that I mentioned above.

However, you can go ahead and do it totally on your own manually.

In this section, I will explain more about how to use Pinterest for marketing in case you are brand new to this.

Would you like to utilize Pinterest to drive traffic to your site?

According to a report, Pinterest drives more web traffic than Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace.

This was approximately January 2012 when Pinterest only had 11.7 million users.

The community has over 70 million consumers and it carries on to grow.

You ought to be capable to drive more traffic with all of these users if you have a blog or website.

Step 1: Engage and Be Active

Become active and utilize the tips in this guide to drive traffic with Pinterest.

First, we’ll discuss how to generate web traffic straight from Pinterest itself.

Add your web site to your profile homepage!

By adding your website URL the simplest way to drive traffic is when people click on it after viewing your Pinterest page.

Pinterest allows hyperlinks and your website will be displayed at the top.

It’ll be among the first things people see and it will motivate them to have a look at your website to understand more and see your business.

Thus remember to complete this step. You can see on my Pinterest profile I have included

Step 2: Verify It

Verifying your website will get an increasing number of people to click it, as whenever you do that, a tick mark will appear beside it, suggesting that the website certainly belongs to you.

It’s because the only way people can verify an internet website is by uploading a distinguishing file provided by Pinterest.

The tick mark that appears whenever you verify your web site adds a great deal of credibility and people will make more prone to click it since they fell certain it’s yours.

You can learn how to confirm your web site by simply watching the free Pinterest Marketing Video Tutorial.

Verifying your web site will also unlock Pinterest free analytics tool that may be utilized to check how much traffic you’re getting from Pinterest and how you may get more.

You may learn the Way to utilize this tool, by reading the post The Complete Guide to Using Pinterest Web Analytics Tool.

For e.g. When I visit other entrepreneur bloggers’ Pinterest page, I know that the web site on it definitely belongs to them since the tick mark so appears beside it suggests that it’s been verified.

This encourages me to click it.

Step 4: Add the URL to the Pin Description

Remember, I said you need to engage and stay active on Pinterest.

You can do this well by re-sharing other people’s pins frequently.

Another part of this is uploading your own pins as much as you can.

In fact, this is something I am focusing more on to reach my goal of 1 million monthly viewers each month on Pinterest. 

Pinterest automatically adds a link to the image, but to visit this website, the user needs to click the pin first, wait around for it to expand and after that click the expanded pin.

This process can be simplified by only incorporating the link to the same page to your pin description.

Pro Tip: Whenever you do that users won’t need in order to expand the pin in order to visit your website, they can just see the image, read the description and click on the link in the description.

This is one easy way of simplifying things for your followers by simply cutting out the step of expanding pins.

In summary, through pinning your website blog posts and creating your profile you receive a consistent flow of traffic and visitors to your sites.

This is the power of learning how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

In conclusion, the next step is to take action and turn the flow of traffic into a rapid avalanche of raving followers, subscribers and buyers.

Faithful in your success! 

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