How Does PayPal Work? An Easy Guide for Making Money Online

Do you want to know how does PayPal work? Here is an easy guide to help you out and we share information on the new way to buy crypto on the PayPal site.

Due to its popularity in many countries perhaps on more than one occasion you have heard and read about this payment platform. It is almost impossible for it not to appear among the options when you go to cancel. But despite its fame, few people know how to use it and how to take advantage of it.

For example, if you have a business or want to market a service or product through the Internet, this tool will help you. As you will see, it not only serves as a payment method, it is also useful to get paid. This is an easy guide to making money and selling online below:

Crypto on PayPal

Did you know that you can now buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies on PayPal? It was announced recently and this really gives people a lot of confidence in crypto being here to stay, so we wanted to start off with this.

You can buy crypto on other platforms such as Coinbase, BlockFi, or Revolut. And now PayPal has entered the game.

In my opinion, they make it very easy for people who are complete beginners with crypto and we all know that PayPal is reliable.

This new evolution allows all its users to handle cryptocurrencies on the platform, thanks to the ‘Checkout with Crypto’; it will be possible to pay in many businesses in the United States, with bitcoins, ether, litecoin, among. Learn more about Crypto with PayPal here.

How to start taking advantage of PayPal?

Through this medium, you can sell online and receive money if you run a small business or sell some kind of service.

To get started first, of course, you must register on this platform.

Doing so is very simple; you will only need an active email address and your debit or credit card.

Go to the official site of the platform and click on create an account; you will find this button immediately.

Then you must fill in the requested form and finally accept the terms of use. Click on continue, and you will have your account. Make the confirmation in your email.

Select a payment method

Log back into you’re newly created account to select a payment method, this can be by credit or debit card, or you also have the option of a bank account.

Regardless of the type of payment you choose, you must complete the information required by this website.

You will be asked for different information related to your card or bank account. After you complete this step, it is important that you confirm the use of the platform in the selected payment method.

Click on accept and stay tuned because you will be sent a notification to validate your account.

Account verification

After linking your card or confirming your bank account, the next step is to verify your account. To do this, it is essential that you wait for a period of time, which can be several days after the creation of the account.

This step is also simple since you have already done the previous process well.

Then click on confirm bank account. This will appear on the right side of the screen.

The platform will make some transfers, so to make the confirmation you must put this exact amount. Click on the send button and you will see the confirmation, so you have your verification.

Immediately after creating an account, choosing the payment method, verifying your account you can start generating dividends. If you’re wondering how does PayPal work?

We give you an easy guide to make money and sell online. This platform provides you with different ways to sell if you are an entrepreneur or if you have a business of any kind, let’s review some of them: 

Website Payments

One of the ways to get money using this platform is through the so-called “Website Payments”. This is an option that gives you that page when you sell from your website. The idea in this case is to enable or add in your site the option to “pay with PayPal”.

This makes it easier for your users and customers to pay you for the product or service you offer from your website. It is a simple way, since consumers will only select the platform icon. Then they will cancel what they are processing very quickly and smoothly.

Payments via email

We know that not everyone has a website for sales because of how complicated it is. If this is your case, don’t stress because this platform also gives you other options when it comes to selling. A different alternative is the so-called email payments, a suitable solution.

Payments through

This is another way if you need to make money and sell online. It consists of making and customizing a link, which serves to charge through this system.

This link can be sent by cell phone, social networks or email. When your customers receive the link, they click on it and initiate the payment automatically.

For this option you must register within the same platform, as it is an extra service. In the link add the client’s data and the amount to be paid. This is ideal if you are a freelancer. But it is also good for sellers through social networks, suppliers, entrepreneurs.

How to enable the buy button to sell?

If you sell through e-commerce companies such as Amazon or eBay, it is easy to process payments. This is because these companies include PayPal among their options. But if you have a separate website or an online store you must use the buy button as we pointed out above.

How do PayPal and this specific button work? You just have to create it for your customers to cancel by clicking on it. Log in to your account and locate “merchant preferences”, then click “create button”. Complete the information with the details of what you want to sell and its costs.

Before completing the process, you can verify in “customer view” how it will appear to the user. Remember that you are given several purchase button options to suit your needs. After checking everything, continue with the process they ask you to do and then create the button. Then copy it and pay for it on your website. The platform also leaves you codes for it.

Other ways to earn money

PayPal is also useful if you want to earn money online with other activities. For example, with paid surveys, homework websites, freelance jobs, cryptocurrencies, and investments.

It is ideal if you sell products, if you are a blogger or YouTuber and receive donations or payments for subscriptions.

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