How To Start a Cosmetic Business Online

How To Start a Cosmetic Business Online

Are you among those budding entrepreneur who’s contemplating how to start a cosmetic business online?

If you answered yes, then chances are…

You have collected some great concoctions, whether it is a hair product or beauty merchandise.

But now you are not certain where to begin or you have some fears about setting up your website and really getting it off the ground.

Don’t worry, it has been done before and you can also do this.

AfroDeity is an example of a great site that was started by an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Following on, here are 8 valuable tips on how to start a cosmetic business online that you can benefit from:

1. Enthusiasm

Ensure it’s something you love and are truly enthusiastic about.

Operating a small business can be a long and hard road and you don’t wish to get stuck in the middle with an idea you are not actually that keen on following a couple of weeks.

This is how many people get burned out and stop altogether before seeing any success.


2. Business and Marketing Plan

Take time to write down answers to the following questions:

  • Who’s your intended market?
  • Can they afford to buy from you?
  • Can you help them correctly?
  • How many people are in this market?
  • And is that sufficient to sustain a small business?
  • What marketing channels will you use to reach customers?
  • Are you going to sell high-end, mid-end or low-end products?
  • Do you want it open to everyone or more exclusive?

I would recommend doing a business program before jumping in to any cosmetic business.

This will help you fully understand how to start a cosmetic business online.

And it’s a good way to collate your thoughts and see whether it is worth going ahead with your plans.

Before you do anything else, while looking into starting a company ensure that the company idea is feasible.

There is no point printing small business cards, purchasing domains or printing glossy flyers no person is intrigued in whatever it is you are attempting to commercialise.

Lastly, spend time on working out how to invest in the right marketing channels that will help you grow fast.

Such as Instagram, YouTube or leveraging social influencers.


3. Validate

When you feel you have many ideas about the people who want you merchandise or who are interested in your idea, you should begin considering bring that idea to life.

Test it out first by doing a small pre-launch party and gain valuable feedback from willing product testers.

You can also do a small Facebook ad campaign and see how many people show an interest in your cosmetics brand.


4. Funding

Are you going to fund this particular enterprise yourself?

If you’re able to fund yourself that’s wonderful.

Or you could use a crowd funding site to help you launch.

There are currently several to choose from.

This can’t only assist you with getting your company of the ground, but can again help to validate your idea.

There are also several scholarships and loans available to entrepreneurs and startups.


5. Product Development

This depends on the direction you would like the brand you’re creating to take and what info you got from the validation and research.

For example, what types of products your target clients are intrigued in and what will draw their eye to your brand.

Are you concerned about things such as natural or vegain-friendly ingredients?

Think about your inner values and stick to them.

(On the other hand if you are not concerned at all then stick to your view.)

Choose your brand identity in a way that matches your values:

  • Vegan
  • Natural
  • No animal testing
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • 18+ marketing
  • Or child-friendly
  • Include applicators
  • Share customer photos
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Gluten-free

When you stick to your vision and values the right people will be attracted to you and you can keep moulding your business over time.


6. Sourcing Materials

Sourcing materials and finding the best ingredients can really set you apart from other cosmetic businesses.

For those who are truly passionate about skin and beauty products this is where they spend the most time in the beginning.

For example, some people create their own recipe using products they can buy locally.

Whereas, other people travel the globe to find the right suppliers, produce and factories.

This takes some time to do trial and error so be prepared for this.

This could be a long and hard task, but it does prove to be worthwhile.

A good supplier will be capable to provide you with Material Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis for virtually any ingredient they provide you with.

Packaging Manufacturers should also be capable to provide you with migration tests and virtually any compliance paperwork.


7. Packaging and Branding

Now for the fun part!

When you set up your own cosmetic business you are in complete control of creating the visuals and designing your own brand.

Remember, this is going to be attached to every single product that you create so make sure it is something you love.

You may wish to use online graphics software to do it yourself.

Alternatively, you can get it done on within 5 days.

Or you can work with specialists who are experts in drawing and graphic design.

The next step is to get your packaging ready and you may wish to buy this wholesale online.

If you are bootstrapping, why not start simply by ordering high volumes for a lower amount on or


8. Legislation and Patents

After you run your initial tests, remember to approach your business as a true professional.

As the money is constantly flowing into your life this means it is time to get your tax and accounting in order.

Likewise, make sure you have the right business structure set up and all of the correct legal documents required in your country or state.

This means you can relax as your bank balance is increasing.

For beauty or cosmetic businesses, it is a good idea to get a reliable cosmetic scientist or a separate company to advise you on all of the requirements.



The cosmetics industry is very competitive, but individuals are constantly looking for the next new or bold product that will make them feel attractive, confident or sexy.

This means there is space for you in the market if you are certain you have something appealing.

When you are learning about how to start a cosmetic business online have some fun with it.

This is where one can let your character shine through your brand.


Faithful in your success!


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