How To Generate More Sales Leads

Online marketing is my thing. So below I will share the best 7 tips on how to generate more sales leads.

Are you waiting for customers to sit conveniently on your lap?

Don’t think you are too ‘skilled, qualified and professional’ to push your message out there.

And don’t sit on your laurels waiting for ‘referrals and strategic partnerships’.

That is an old-school dream.

Yo! There’s no time to worry about offending your family on Facebook or your colleagues on LinkedIn with your business messages.

They aren’t paying your bills and you need to put food on the table.

If they were really great friends they would teach you some tips about how to get more leads.

Or even re-share your posts, do they?…. Let that sink in.

Therefore, you’ve got to take action and increase your leads.

Your message might come out wrong at first, it might feel pushy or salesy or blah blah blah….

But, who cares? 

When people try to push you down, you will rise up.

People that take action fast always win.

You don’t need to convince people to like you. And you don’t need to prove yourself.

After you stick to your goal, they will be the same ones asking you to come and be an expert speaker!

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The Solution

These days, you will be meeting the end if you aren’t making any advertising efforts to generate sales leads for your company.

However small your company is, and although you’re selling the best product at the most reasonable cost, you should still find ways to “attract” more customers.

It is always a bad idea to just wait for any sale to take place.

You have to feel pro-active and take action for your business development.

More often than not, companies go through months of not finding any new customers…

To a mad rush to get loads of sales in just a few weeks.

In actuality, the dilemma has an easy solution.

And that is…

Ensure that you are marketing and getting your message out there every single day.


7 idea on how to generate more sales leads

The truth is before you find yourself seeing your business die a natural death, you need to improve your marketing efforts.

This will make sure that you’re also getting new prospects and sales.

1. Utilise article marketing

The use of article marketing works all the time.

Sharing your experience through unique content with a focus on search engine optimisation and with a link back to your website will always get you fresh leads.

If you have quality and interesting articles sharing your expertise, you will increase your readership.

As well as, the popularity of your site especially if folks find your articles worth sharing with others.

The best portion of it is that the men and women who will get to your site are often people who are interested.

These are some of the top lead generation software I have used in my business:


2. Offer freebies

People always want to get free stuff.

As an example, people love free tasters when we go to the supermarket.

This is the reason if you have a new product out in the market, it is always a great idea to offer something like a “free flavour testing” for product sampling and introduction.

This works wonders for small items like stock cubes that go on to sell millions of pounds every year!

So imagine if you applied this same strategy to your business.

You can use a lead magnet that is connected to an automated system like ClickFunnels so that you don’t have to spend time sending it out.

I definitely always choose automated funnels.

Or if you are into consulting and coaching you can offer a 15-minute free consultation over the phone or Skype.


3. Stay connected and in touch with customers

You should treat your old customers to gifts too.

Never make a mistake without getting their contact details like their e-mail addresses.

As the saying goes, ‘once a buyer always a buyer’.

It is good to show appreciation they’re very likely to do repeat purchases with you or refer friends and loved ones.


4. Get exposure from social networking sites

You should go where people flock online.

Your online presence should incorporate the use of social networking sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

More online visibility means more popularity.

“Where the attention goes the money flows!” – Grant Cardone


5. An expert in sales leads generation

There are many strategies you can use to generate sales leads for your company.

The more strategies you implement for your small business, the more qualified prospects you can have.

This is due to your energy and efforts.

If you’re focusing on the selling part of your company, then it’s a good idea to employ a sales lead generation expert.

A sales lead generation expert can focus and concentrate on using the latest lead generation campaigns that will work specifically for your company.


Final Verdict

Wait for a sale to happen? No!

You have to do better than that if you want to stand out against your competition.

Yes, gritty marketing is required even for large multi-national corporations.

In other words, you have to be smart enough to learn how to generate more sales leads with a pro-active attitude so that the leads flow in consistently each day.

Faithful in your success!

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