How To Sell Name Brand Clothing Online

Here is the ultimate guide on how to sell name brand clothing online in short and simple words.

Clothes which are of the popular brand names are pricey when they’re first introduced for the season.

Those who’ve the money, especially the fashion-conscious ones among the women, and hype beasts amongst the men, get them even when they’re expensive at first because they don’t want to lag behind the seasonal changes in designs.

There are the smarter ones though who wait around for the prices to go down as wholesalers put them up in bulk by selling off, to make way for the newer designs in the next season.


Dropshipping and How To Sell Name Brand Clothing Online

This is the time that dropshippers in clothing make much profit because they buy low in wholesale prices and sell them on-line at popular reduced prices.

Dropshipping is the process of setting up a simple online store and getting products posted directly to the customer, without you holding any stock.

The clothing wholesalers are just glad that the dropship dealers are helping them clear their warehouses this way.

Brand name garments are still popular even when one wears them late in the season – some people wait and save all of the money to splurge on clothes.

So there will be a market for you if you are re-selling.

If you’re in a rush, below are 4 websites you can use for how to sell name brand clothing online:

  1. Shopify
  2. eBay
  4. Vestiaire Collective


Many modern brands also use Instagram to attract new customers and promote their clothing.


Dropshipping Methods

You of course as a practical drop ship retailer would always want to profit more from the larger sales volumes of trendy garments at reduced prices.

Profiting from all of these later sales in the season is still useful in any country.

You must have also identified the wholesalers in clothing that you could easily work with to dispose of clothing stocks that remain unsold towards the end of the season.

Even when they give you much lower wholesale prices, they still make some margins on these excess inventories as opposed to get nothing at all from them.

The main thing to the wholesaler is they can stack up on the new designs of the garments and not incur a loss on the stocks of the previous season. You can find out more from Harpers Bazaar.

In conclusion, you’re helping him as his dropship partner and you can build your own business when you learn how to sell name brand clothing online.


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