How to Stay FIT for Busy Mom’s and Lazy Girls!

Hey peeps! People have been asking me about my fitness. So in this video I talk about how to stay fit – for busy moms and (lazy girls)! #Fitmom

Here are my key tips from this video:
1) Stick to doing a few things that you LIKE to do, and you know it gets you the results.
2) Don’t put pressure on yourself to lose weight excessively or diet excessively.
3) Use exercise and fitness to re-energise you and boost you from the inside firstly.
4) Understand your time boundaries and remind yourself that it is okay if you do short workouts each week at first. You can then prioritize the gym and increase your gym routine over 12 months, or more.

Types of waist trainers I used after my baby:

The Leopard Print Latex Waist Trainer:

Belt Postnatal Recovery Waist Trainer:

Proworks Neoprene Slimming Belt:

Steel-Boned Training Corset:

Breathable Workout Waist Trainer:

This is based on my personal experience, not sponsored.


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