How To Sell eBooks Online With PayPal

Selling eBooks is really easy, but in order to make money, you need to know how to sell eBooks online with PayPal. The people who are selling books online will normally earn a portion of the book sales, and the publishing platform often takes a small percentage. Despite that, I think this the best way to get your book noticed is when selling it yourself.

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You may have heard already that some good sellers are selling eBooks on the Internet and make huge with PayPal. There are many sites that can sell eBooks at a cost that is less than 50 cents per eBook. The people selling these eBooks are using pay-per-click advertising, but they are doing this as a means to gain traffic to their site. Another method is to sell your eBooks on the Kindle publishing platform which is run by Amazon.

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What Is the Secret to Selling eBooks Online?

If you don’t own your own site, then you’re in a good position to take advantage of this marketing strategy.

The secret is you want to create as much buzz as possible for your product.

You want to attract enough people to your book webpage to have the opportunity to sell more eBooks. This means having a site that gets tons of visitors each day.

The best way to market yourself on the Internet is to find a digital marketer who can tell you the best method for selling your eBooks based on your budget.

In summary, these are the steps I used to publish my first eBook:

  1. I wrote the text on Google docs
  2. I researched other eBooks and choose an irresistible title and sub-heading
  3. I contacted a seller on Fiverr to re-format the document for eBooks
  4. I commissioned a design of the eBook cover photo
  5. I signed up for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and followed the steps to upload my eBook and choose all of the settings to sell it worldwide

This is the easiest 5-steps ever for how to sell eBooks online. Of course, you need to put in the work behind it and your content needs to be original to get accepted on Amazon KDP.


Accepting Payments For Your eBook

If you sell your eBooks on eBay or your own website you can also use your credit card to process the payments, but PayPal is a great place to begin. You’ll be able to build up your business quickly with this simple service.

When you set up your PayPal account, you’ll be able to use a variety of different ways to promote your book. Your customers can use a  credit card that will allow them to buy everything from regular eBooks to DVDs and VHS tapes, without needing to register for PayPal. You’ll even be able to use your credit card to purchase postage and shipping to your customer.


Your Virtual eBook Store

Once you’ve established your virtual shop, you can go on to promote the other aspects of your product. You can even make a separate page just for the different styles of eBooks. The only limitation is the size of your store. You want to try and sell as much as you can before you start putting in actual money.

Every page should have the book information, and the customer should be able to easily find the information they are looking for when they search for the product. By promoting the different prices and formats, you’re going to sell more than you could if you were trying to sell the same product by the same price and format. You can sell as many as you want to.


Pricing Your eBook

It’s important to make sure that you st the correct eBook price. Even if you find a lower price elsewhere, don’t automatically assume that you’re going to make a profit. You have to put in your time and effort to see where you are in the game.

You can use a lot of different factors to help you determine the best price range. For example, you can look at the customer reviews to determine if there is enough competition for your product. You can also find out whether there are a lot of specials going on for books similar to yours.

Since you’ve determined what price range you want, you can set up a “limited time offer” type setup when you launch your ebook.

When you sell your eBook online via eBay or Amazon it is pretty easy to play around with the prices and increase it later on by using the dashboard settings.

Make sure that you’re always promoting your eBook or learning ways to do the paid advertisements.

As a result, more people will learn about your eBook and you won’t only be relying on lucky searches or overnight success on the sites.

In addition to finding people who are willing to buy your book, you may find money coming to you easily and effortlessly and you can grow your own eBook empire. Purchase the book below to learn more:
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I hope this gets you on the right track with learning how to sell eBooks online with PayPal.

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