Inbox Dollars Review – Is It Legit? 2019

Here is the latest Inbox Dollars review to help you decide if it is right for you. I will provide you with the facts so that you can see if Inbox Dollars is a legit way to make money online. Read below.


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Inbox Dollars Review In Full

Are you interested in making money while you sit at home in your pajamas? If yes, Inbox Dollars could be for you.

They re not just an ordinary website that pays you for surveys.

You may also earn real money and rewards for doing activities like shopping.

Who doesn’t want that?

Taking survey after survey can get dull.

That’s why Inbox Dollars features video ads and other tasks to help keep things interesting.


What Is Inbox Dollars?

Inbox Dollars is an award-winning market research company founded in the year 2000.

They hit the ground running shortly getting recognized as an Inc. 5000 company.

That is nothing to scoff at, either.

Being on the 5,000 fastest growing US companies list is a big deal.

Recipients are often touted for outstanding growth and remarkable service.

They merged with SendEarnings in 2005 and made the move into Canada during 2014.

Since that time, they have acquired millions of members on their website.

Having credentials like these is always a positive sign for you as a new member.

Whereas, approaching a new survey website that doesn’t t have a track record can be nerve-racking.

In summary Inbox Dollars’ history kept us at ease during our test run with them.


Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

Trustpilot has a total of 5,000 reviews on Inbox Dollars.

Scanning through them, we discovered two that stood out to us.

Now for some good news.

This recent review is far more favourable, and the user has been with them for over 5 years.

That’s tons of time to find out the platform in’s and out’s to provide an honest perspective.

Here are the pros of Inbox Dollars:

  • They assert that they never had a problem cashing out.
  • And that customer service is fantastic.
  • Also note that this user mentions that they didn’t plan to get rich from Inbox Dollars, and came in with the right mindset.


Here are the cons of Inbox Dollars:

  • Sometimes people sign up for survey sites with too high of expectations, and that where a few bad reviews come from.
  • Yet, if you would like a consistent side hustle, these sites are great. But don’ t expect to be buying a new Ferrari any time soon.


Sign Up For Inbox Dollars

The actual company that owns Inbox Dollars is called CotterWeb Enterprises Inc.

It was established by Daren Cotter, a well-respected entrepreneur, mentor, investor, and business adviser.

They’ve been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and received an A rating.

This is extremely impressive, although we did notice an abundance of bad customer reviews on the BBB website.

Overall, Inbox Dollars seems to be trustworthy.

They have literally thousands of reviews on the internet and we have confidence moving farther into our review.

To keep the ball rolling, here’s how you sign up and use their website: Click here to get started


How Does Inbox Dollars Work?

Go to the homepage and sign up through the form.

It much shorter compared to other survey sites, making the process simpler and quicker.

You also get $5 for free which is a great bonus.

This made them stand out to us.

Unfortunately, Canadian users aren’t eligible to sign up at the time of this guide but can opt for the DailyRewards alternative.

It’s the same platform, but especially for users in Canada.

Likewise, if you are in the UK you need to sign up on Inbox Pounds (it is the same company but this is the UK version).

Finally, for this Inbox Dollars review if you plan on signing up for multiple surveys you should consider setting up a separate email address.

It’s a fast way to optimize the survey process somewhat by cutting back on inbox clutter.

They send you paid daily emails each day to encourage you to go back to their site.

While this is helpful, it is also smart to keep those email organised separately to avoid inbox overwhelm.

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