How To Get More Sales Leads

There’s a movement now to learn how to get more sales leads by using the internet and it’s all about saving time.

The key to prospecting and getting leads nowadays is ease-of-use, perspective, content, and focus.

Experts say you have 15 seconds to “hook” a prospect who’s busy and is clicking through as something prompted him or her to find you.

In the first nanosecond they hit your page, it’s your game to win.

However, anything ineffective prompts an exit click.

Remember, almost nobody is buying on the initial visit.

So your website must be geared toward the beginning of, what you hope will be, an extended selling conversation.

Unfortunately, many websites are geared toward the end game.

Instead, you must give value upfront and make it a fun experience.


The Basics

The principal objective of that initial page view is to persuasively and quickly communicate the following:

  • Who you are
  • What you offer
  • What makes you different
  • Why you need to talk to us
  • What the prospect should do next

Next can be another following step or piece of information.

The first page they see has to be aimed at engaging your customer.

You have 15 seconds to offer them a reason for spending a second more with you.

It the business equivalent of flashing bedroom eyes across a crowded room.

Make it sexy.

It’s actually simple, and the formula works for almost every industry.

But there are “best practices” that give you a better-than-average shot at getting and keeping the attention of jittery prospective clients.


How To Get More Sales Leads in 8 Steps

1. Create another “front door”

This a separate squeeze page or landing page for prospects.

This funnel set up is essential for how to get more sales leads.

Don’t confuse them with the stuff your employees your clients or your investors might care about.

At this point, they don’t have any intellectual or emotional investment in you or your services and products.

They hardly care.

Impress them.


2. Direct their behaviour

Yes, you’re a boss.

Control the attention.

You have their attention for a minute.

Use optimisation tactics and design to restrict their navigational choices.

Point them to everything you want them to read to see and respond to.

Don’t just use the same scheme as you have on the site your clients access.

Focus on simplicity and consistency.

Do NOT necessarily mirror the navigation on the client site as it gives prospects a lot of opportunities to escape.

One of my customers had 130 possible choices on their home page.

Wanna guess how many leads they got? Almost zero.

Instead, limit the choices.

Design 4 pathways or no longer than 3.

On my landing pages, I have only 1 path – Sign Up Now (or they can close the window).

Make it easy to understand exactly what you offer and easy to find.

Enforce a three click rule — the reply to any foreseeable question should not be more than three clicks.

And navigation should be persistent, consistent and interlaced so that your prospects can jump from one pathway to the other without needing to return to the home page.


3. See the prospects’ perspective

Concentrate on pain points or requirements.

They care about what they care about.

The most wealthy business experts always say, ‘Give them what they want,  then sell them what they need’.

A sliver of interest opens up if you intersect their concerns.

Otherwise, adios amigo. Hasta luego.

Often their concerns are based on their job title or the responsibilities or fears they have.

These are similar across companies in business or industry.

Anticipate this and display your products or services in ways that speak to prospects’ functions or tasks.


4. Focus on consumer benefits

Prospect care about what they acquire by using services or your products.

They are not constantly glorifying in the features of each product nor are they daydreaming about the latest and greatest refinements and additional bells and whistles.

Tell them how what you have will make them faster, fitter, slimmer, more attractive, more profitable, less hassled, happier, brighter, richer, more productive or more inclined to keep their jobs.


5. Tackle scepticism

And before they can dismiss your claims back it up with social proof, case studies and evidence.

Again, keep it simple so they’ll understand and immediately see your service/product as valuable.

Put it consistently and prominently above the fold on the first page and make the deal in LARGE TYPE they see.


6. Methods you must use

Implement how to get more sales leads using these tools and approaches to engage people with the products or services as quickly as possible:

  • Trial use from the home page
  • Free training video/webinar
  • A free trial download offer
  • A readiness survey or quiz
  • Gift voucher or special coupon
  • Flash tours or product demonstrations
  • Comparisons of your stuff versus your competitors
  • Merchandise samples or simulations
  • Videos of client testimonials and use cases


7. The edge

You want to immediately communicate the idea that your product or service has a competitive business advantage.

And you need to demonstrate this persuasively and fast by sharpening the value statements and relating them to prospects’ needs and adding a feeling of urgency.

This is called the edge.

You cannot be bashful or reticent.

The copy has to be bold, as promotional as you can be and attention-grabbing.

Take a problem-solution approach to present products and their benefits.

Pictures should relate to the benefits of using services or your products.

Pictures or a grid display of goods; their applications and users goes a long way to making things clear and easy to understand quickly.


8. The human touch

Prospects will trade data for content or to commence a back-and-forth conversation.

People really do enjoy talking to a real person if you can set up online chat or messenger.

On the other hand, the more information you require on forms; the more incentive a prospect has to abandon you and your site.

Pro Tip: No-one wants to answer dozens of questions on your website.

Unless you’re a tax lawyer, medical site or Tony Robbins.

At this point, no emotional connection is mutual and not any relationship.

Begin by asking just for an email address.

It gives you opt-in permission that is basic, and it requires the absolute minimum action and commitment from the prospect.

An email address and a name are all you need firstly.

Afterwards, it is possible to ask a prospect questions, gauge their satisfaction with your tools or your site.

This is the vital stage of how to get more sales leads.

Subsequently, you can begin to establish if they are truly a lead by assessing their level of buying authority, need, budget and schedule.

Faithful in your success!


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