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In today’s review we are discussing the software TrafficZion.

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Okay, so if you know me you will know I am completely biased about marketing software! What I mean is, I am in love with it! It’s my favourite thing to use in business. Plus it’s one of my favourite things to try, buy, read about and talk about! so when I discovered this little gem I had a lot of fun getting it setup and playing with it in my business.

…Of course with the goal to grow my business and generate leads from now until the future.

I totally geek out on new software that can help me get more exposure and shamelessly promote my business and to be honest, so should you.

There is so much that needs to be done behind-the-scenes to grow a small business so thankfully God has given us the internet and the right to share our skills and services to serve others.

I have to be honest with you seriously I did not want to share this one! So you can take it as a sign anytime I say, “I do not want to share it and I am being selfish!”, that is the benchmark for awesome results! Ha ha.

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Yet, I have a duty to share amazing tech and digital marketing tools that can help self employed peeps and entrepreneurs to grow so it’s better if I show you rather than tell you – Checkout the photos and videos below.

If you wish to keep reading then here is my opinion on it:

I absolutely love software that is designed with one main purpose for marketing on one main platform and TrafficZion definitely takes that into considersation, because if focuses on helping you to generate laser targeted traffic from a specific source which is very overlooked. It’s quite funny, because many people use WordPress and it’s very close to that, however, I did not think about this method until I heard about TrafficZion.

So why do I love it so much?

Well it’s very simple; it works on autopilot and it does the leg work for me to engage with the people that I find interesting and then it attract them to my website showing the valuable information and services that we offer. People from a totally new social platform begin to engage and comment and even sign up and I really appreciate that.

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It is all ethical so what could be more enjoyable than adding this to your marketing Arsenal for boosting your traffic? We know that it can bring in new visitors, which way would not have connected with at this time because I simply would not have known about us however now they do and the small interaction really helps for the long term to grow a business.

What is traffic In a nutshell?

So far I’ve told you exactly why I love it, so let’s talk a little about the features, because I really like to know exactly what I am getting when I’m investing in marketing software.

TrafficZion is a software you pay for ones and you can download it and install it onto a Windows PC you then set it up once with your login information and link it to your WordPress site and then it draws in hundreds of targeted people and doubles your traffic. Potentially it can even triple it and that depends on the keywords you are targeting and the quality of your site.

The benefit is it saves you a boatload of time and you’re virtually getting traffic for free and your laptop is doing all of the work for you. another advantage is TrafficZion provide updates and they give improvements to the software completely free so you definitely can’t complain about that.

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On top of that they even have a Facebook support group where you can ask questions and get help from, Demetris Papadopoulos, the actual creator of the software! I believe that is very reassuring and it’s one of the things I love about independent web developers and software creators you definitely don’t get that Direct personal touch with mainstream marketing Solutions so why not take advantage of that now.

Furthermore, traffic works with any niche and any WordPress website so you have nothing to lose. For example if you are in finance, coaching, digital marketing, web development, blogging, entertainments, arts, music, law, legal, local business (and the list goes on and on) you can apply these exact strategies. I’ve also had a look behind the scenes and they have very helpful step-by-step tutorials on how to Leverage your software and really make the best of it using the strategies that they teach you. Then use your creativity and your own business targeting to focus on growing the traffic to your website. Let me also clarify it does not depend on the age of your website or your location none of that matters not even if you are just starting no doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the game for decades.

This is a great little software to add and use the whole year-long for increasing the visitors to website it really is that simple two thumbs up!

I have to be transparent and tell you about some of the concerns before we go ahead and make your purchase today. The main factor to consider is that this software is really designed for one main website and one main marketing campaign, although it is unlimited and you can add different accounts if you wish however to comply with the terms and regulations of the social media sites I don’t recommend doing that because it’s better to focus your efforts in one place and use a software to grow naturally because that will protect your website and make sure you’re interacting in a compliant way (I just tried to explain that as politically correct as possible!).

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What this really means is if you have a very large and established company then this one is probably not for you, however my dear friends who are self-employed individuals and solo digital entrepreneurs then I would say jump on this and jump all over it right now you have the advantage to use this TrafficZion method and software for your business development online.

Another another factor is that it does depend on the quality of your content when visitors come back to view your website and interact comma so there is no promise for overnight sales at the same time the sky is the limit if you have a mindset for Success.

Faithful in your success!

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After Installing TrafficZion to our test Website.
Once we turned the TrafficZion Software on, we started seeing immediate results in that same hour. 
Generating Leads , Follows and Engagement
Through the TrafficZion software, you will be able to generate new fresh high targeted leads.  Depending on the Tags and Keywords you used, using TrafficZion. 

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From The Desks Of Demetris  & Alek… Welcome

I want to get straight to the point with you…

So let me start with the fact that  “Traffic” is the life line of any online business…

When I started out in this industry, I didn’t know how to get traffic.  I was using one method I was doing manually, where it got me my Free Targeted Traffic, on a daily basis back to my own websites.  I had to do this manually and it was very time consuming.

Hi, my name is Demetris Papadopoulos (DPAPA) and I’m a Successful Affiliate Marketer and Blogger, and I’m here to share with you a software tool, which I specifically created for anyone wanting free targeted niche based traffic back to their WordPress websites or blogs.

The trick here was to actually use un untapped reputable platform as a means of finding that traffic and the way I used to do this on my own, was usually, very time consuming, and most of the times, I would get lazy and really leave cash out on the table.

I really wanted a tool to help me do that for me on autopilot.

This idea has become a reality after partnering up with talented Alek Krulik, who saw my vision, and developed this new traffic software for all of us…..myself included.

Once we developed it,  and turned it on…We were actually shocked by the results we saw.

We started to see free organic traffic back to our website almost immediately…

With new views, visits, follows, likes, engagement and leads, where we generated commissions through various offers we are promoting through our blogs as well as an increase in our Google Adsense Monetization, every single day, all done on complete autopilot, ethically, and effortlessly.

There is no risk of you getting in trouble, since our software is ethically following the guidelines of the reputable platform we are getting our traffic from.

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From the Desks of,
Demetris Papadopoulos & Alek Krulik


Demetris Papadopoulos
Affiliate Marketer | Blogger  
Alek Krulik 
Developer | Internet Marketer 
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On Our Very First  Tests with TrafficZion we were pulling In Free Traffic Daily .. All For FREE
Just an hour using our software…
3rd day using the software…
4th  day using the software…
5th  day using the software…
6th  day using the software…
Noticing a spike on our follow list
Results after 1 Week of using TrafficZion 
3 Months Using TrafficZion
Traffic is usually top tier…

Using our Software Get’s Your Free Engagement to Your Websites or Blogs


Using TrafficZion also generates you Clicks to your offers and products from Free Traffic.


Using TrafficZion also generates you an extra income through google adsense monetization


after one month of using TrafficZion, we saw an increase in revenue for the month


Using TrafficZion also generates you an extra income as an Affiliate Marketer

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  • Over The Shoulder’s Training on How To Monetize Your Blogs and Websites for Maximized Results. 
No More Having To Waste Your Time & Money  
  •  No need to spend hours trying to find new traffic sources.
  •  No more paying for any ads to send traffic to your websites or blogs. 
  •  No more working on this manually.  Fully automated software right out of the box. 
  •  No BS.  This is a fully tested ethical software, made to help you generate loads of free targeted traffic to your wp websites or blogs.
  • Over The Shoulder’s Training on How To Monetize Your Blogs and Websites for Maximized Results. 
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“Within an hour of setting this simple software up, I got 20 page views and 7 unique visitors. This works, plain and simple.

I have tested and used dozens of free traffic methods.   This software automated one that I truly have never came across, something that works amazingly well.

You’d be really missing out not setting this up considering it’s completely hands off and free traffic.”

Stefan Ciancio


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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is TrafficZion in a nutshell?
This is a simple-to-setup software that virtually ANYONE can use to start getting consistent FREE traffic on complete autopilot. The traffic comes from a legit untapped reputable traffic source.   *This is a Windows Based App (Mac Compatible through the use of Parallels Desktop)
Q. What makes this different than other softwares  out there?
No other software lets you set up a complete autopilot stream of targeted traffic for free. ! And this works in ANY niche.Q. Do I need tech skills to do this?
We made sure that we made this a seamless and very SIMPLE process so that any newcomer can be up and running with TrafficZion in no time. With that said, no difficult tech skills are required whatsoever.Q. Do I need a list to make this work? Or any prior experience?
No list is needed to do this. No prior experience is needed either. Literally all you need to do is follow our crystal clear steps for the initial setup process & you’ll be up and running with TrafficZionQ. Does this have to do with paid traffic? Are there any other investments required?
Nope! The whole idea and concept behind TrafficZion is to get a constant flow of steady FREE highly-targeted traffic so you can monetize your websites and blogs quickly.

Q. How SOON can I expect to see results?
You can easily see results the same day! Because you’re controlling the outcome and can run it on autopilot.

Q. Are there any upsells after I purchase?
Yes – There are a couple upsells after you purchase and although they are optional, we highly recommend you consider picking them up because you will find that they are of huge benefit to you and can really SHORTCUT your success even more with the TrafficZion.

Q. What if I need help or have questions?
If you need help, get lost or have any questions, simply contact our support desk by clicking on the ‘Contact’ link below. We are 100% committed to your success with our TrafficZion Software.

Q. Can I Get My WP Account Shut Down?
No.  We have made sure that we are following the platforms guidelines, so that our software works ethically with the platform , to bring you the results we are mentioning above.   Nothing to worry about.


TrafficZion Full Demo Walkthrough 
TrafficZion  Latest Updates
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We Are Offering A 30-Day,  Money-Back Guarantee With Our Software.    Show Us That TrafficZion Did Not Bring You Traffic Back, And Get Your Money Back.
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