How To Create a Popular Blog

How To Create a Popular Blog – Become One of the Best Bloggers Online

The days of blogging just for fun are long gone. It has become a critical marketing tool for companies. How to create a popular blog is now important for large corporations, home-based companies, speakers, coaches and traditional bloggers.

Blogging has become a way of life.

Yes, blogging has become a major business.

And best yet, the art of becoming a high-profile high blogger –a blogger who’s well-known, well-respected and considered an authority is possible for you too.

You can become known in your field and throughout the blogging community.

As a result, it is worth the time, dedication and commitment it takes to get there.

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All of us know that blogging can expand a business ‘s outreach to clients and customers, increase brand awareness and allow your clients and potential clients see your expertise in your industry.

But did you know that recent statistics report that 35 percent of subscribers are taking blogs more seriously?

With 19% saying that blogs are now more well-written than a few of the traditional media sources they’re reading?

That boils down to when you take the time to blog and get it done right; you are getting out there where you need to be front and centre in front of your audience.

But to be successful and learn how to create a popular blog you do need to do your homework.

In addition, you must learn about acceptable formats, etiquette and even the legal aspects associated with blogging before setting out on that path.

You want to also bear in mind that the blogging world is built on relationships.

The most successful bloggers can attribute their success to a combination of high-quality articles and ultra-valuable blogger/business relationships.

Relationship building is an area I am working on daily myself.


So how do you go about becoming one of the best online?

Easy! The most popular ways of starting and developing connections in blogging are via guest posts, blogger interviews, and natural PR.

You can also join blog-focused communities and learn from others, such as Bloglovin.

In addition, before beginning your blog marketing efforts, read and apply these 3 recommendations to your blogging strategy:


1) Organic PR – Creating Your Blog

Creating your blog and maintaining can be done successfully.

It allows you to post on current topics, add in your articles and press releases to get more traction.

You can also participate with your target market, energizing them to post and get involved with comments.

Additionally, it can be quite effective means to get better SEO.

To be prosperous, it helps to work out a plan on how often you will post so that your audience knows what to expect.

By way of example, on Mondays you can blog business tips, SEO tips on Wednesdays, Fridays post your interviews and press releases, etc.

Bear in mind that it is also possible to host competitions, events and giveaways.

The most important thing it boils down to is always to add value.

Finally, you have to actively promote your blog posts.

There are easy ways to get more website visitors from authority sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr Medium, BlogLovin and more.

Recommendation: Get Blog2Social if you want to auto-post and schedule your WordPress blogs posts to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

2) Write Guest Posts on Other Websites

Being a guest blogger can be an excellent way to secure an entirely new audience and also take advantage of somebody else’s great SEO efforts and marketing.

Basically what that means is that you get the opportunity to add content on a proven and high-ranking site that currently has SEO rankings and a dedicated audience in your industry.

And since it can be a significant time commitment, you want to be certain that you get the best sites to link to you so that you see how to create a popular blog.

Blogs cater to a broad range of people.

For example, some focus on Fortune 500 CEOs, while others focus on entrepreneurs, making money online, beauty, fashion, business-related topics, and everything in between.

You need to find the ones that are perfect for hearing your message.

Subsequently, you need to take action and reach out to other blog sites.

Securing a guest article on a blog can range from something as simple as sending off an email pitch, to a more personalized approach of meeting the blogger at a conference.

Remember it’s important to let them know what value you can provide for their blog site.

It’s not about you getting more exposure (although you will) but more importantly what you can provide to them.

I receive dozens of guest post requests every week, however, it is only the people that offer useful or insightful information that receive a publication on my website.


3) Securing Blogger Interviews

Much like guest posts, procuring blogger interviews can be extremely valuable.

You can check out my Spotlight Interviews to see some great examples.

Some sites might conduct an interview using a simple phone call or a quick email, while others may require a more lengthy PR and publicity process.

It can go as far as contracts and legal documents, and an in-person interview session.

Cracking the code on the big blogs can often take more effort, but it’s worth the time.

As soon as you do connect, start your pitch by demonstrating your value.

For example, if their site deals with personal finance, highlight a few of the best tips and posts on the same topic.

If you have experience in an area which they write about, let them know, and use that knowledge as a measure of value to yourself.

Blogger interviews are particularly popular for authors who utilize these means to market their books.

Often the author can send in everything the blogger should post, which makes it easier for them to do.

By way of example, they can have a Q&A, book outline, and give some expert tips.

The blogger then can easily add the information to their site showing that they interviewed the author.

Also, many book authors will offer book giveaways, and these can be utilized as competitions for the blogging site.

Everyone wins here!

The blogger gets more content. The author gets more exposure. And people that frequent the blog get information on great books and a way to win a book or other giveaway.


Final Verdict

There’s never been a better time to be a top blogger and learn how to create a popular blog.

The amount of blogs is constantly rising, as is the level of drive among bloggers.

Keep in mind too that you don’t need to do it alone in your blogging efforts.

Often you can hire virtual assistants or online support specialists to help with all of your blogging needs.

Faithful in your success!

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