How To Become Self Employed Legally

Do you want to know how to become self employed legally in the US?

For some people these times have been difficult in recent years, but, nevertheless, the idea of working on your own and starting a business can be a way to more time freedom and money.

So you can make it work for you with good planning.

In fact, this is something that can be interesting, exciting and playful, especially if you know what you expect and what you are doing.


Here are some tips on how to become self employed legally:


1: Personal evaluation


Start building yourself and for your case of why people will pay you for your service.

What skills are transferable and what are your favourite industries?

Think also:

  • If you want to sell a service or product?
  • How much money are you willing to risk?
  • What do you like to do so much that you would like to do every day?

Your answers to these questions will help you focus and choose a business.


If you do not know what kind of business you want to start, there are easy research steps:

  • Drive down the street and see what business you get locally
  • Go to trade fairs
  • Google is an industry of interest and look at different types of company websites

What is interesting for you is what you are looking for, which uses your skills, which are not too expensive and could grow.

Make a list and reduce your options based on profitability and passion.


2: Analyze the business


When you have some idea of a business that suits your goals and lifestyle, the next step is to analyze your idea.

  • Who are your customers?
  • Who will be your competition?
  • What type of marketing will you use?
  • What resources or materials do you need?
  • Who will be on your A team?
Building a business in this day and age comes with a healthy range of options.
You can go down the digital entrepreneurship route and take advantage of awesome passive income ideas to boost your residual income.
Or you could go for a classic brick and mortar retail business on the high street.
The choices are endless so its important for you to do your research into your market.


3: Make it legal


There are several ways to learn how to become self employed legally:

  • It can be a single self employed business
  •  it could be an association
  • it can be a limited liability company (LLC)
  • or it could be a corporation

The company/corporation options are generally better because they limit your personal responsibility and create a separate business with you.

You must obtain the relevant business licenses and licenses for your city, county and/or state. Start with your city business office and see what they recommend.

To take action and register today speak with a tax professional or use the IRS website.

You should also check your insurance options and find a good accountant and lawyer to be on your team.


4: Draft a business plan


If you are looking for financing from friends, family, investors or a bank, a business plan is required.

But even if you are going to self-finance the business, developing a business plan will help you.

Here are the first 3 questions to consider:

    1. How much money do you need?
    2. What are the roadblocks that will be monitored?
    3. How much time should I take before it becomes profitable?


It’s like a pilot flight plan: a business plan helps you learn how you will go from here to where you desire to be.


5: Get financed


Most small businesses start with savings, credit cards, personal loans, family help, friends and continue.

You should also check for secured small business loans or government grants for small businesses.

These loans, administered by banks and can work in your favour given great terms, but don’t overcommit.

Alternatively, get your business funded with crowdfunding.

This is a more creative way to get the money you want.

Recommended: Small Business Loans


6: Set up shop


This is always the fun part and it can include a wide array of tasks. 

But in basic terms, you will need to:

  • Find a site
  • Start a website
  • Launch your marketing campaign
  • Lease negotiation
  • Decorate
  • Get phone lines and install the Internet
  • Spend a “grand opening” party
  • Stock up on products
  • Or do giveaways to build your tribe


7: Trial and error:


It will take a lot of trial and error, in reality, to see what works and what does not work (even if you have a stellar business plan).

Make a mistake and learn from it.

Don’t be afraid to try things and get it wrong.

Follow your business plan, but be flexible.

Advertise and market, and then do more of that.

You must inform the people that you are out there so they can find you.

Finally, remember to cover the legal steps and register for taxes to know how to become self employed legally.


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