How To Approach Someone On LinkedIn For a Job

How To Approach Someone On LinkedIn For a Job: The Guidelines

Are you interested to know about how to approach someone on LinkedIn for a job?

For the beginners, this would be such an intricate task to do, but we are sure that our guidelines will be much helpful and informative for you to learn about: Let’s have a look!

Learn these 3 tips.


1) Put Your “Ask” in the First Line

Likewise make sure to utilize the title to ask, not to pitch.

For instance, on the off-chance that I see a message from a connection that says “I am brilliant, and I think your website is great, I am a starting a new business with friends and it’s so exciting” – I am usually left confused.

This sounds great, but there is nothing I can take action on.

Instead, ask a clear question so that the recruiter, or other person, can help you and give you information quickly.

Utilize this prime LinkedIn goldmine to rapidly disclose how others can support you and how you can add value.


2) Be As Specific as Humanly Possible

For instance, if you are  “searching for an acting temporary job” your solitary expectation is that someone will hire you and send you information on how to get an audition first.

Or at least check whether you are a fit.

Additionally, remember to target people who are in the same industry that you are looking for.

Regardless of whether you don’t know precisely what you need, be short and concise with your communication.

Also, if you have connections in common mention a few names or company names.

Particularly if they work at the same company it is useful in reminding your associations who they know.


3) Make It Easy to Get to “Know” You

Keep in mind, each time you request for someone to connect with you they will take some time to review your profile if you’re looking for a job.

So make it simple for your contacts to get open public information on your career history.

Ensure your profile is insightful, brief, and elegantly composed.

Also, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is at all-star level and forward-thinking.

In addition, this is the time for social media.

Recruiters will check you out on other social networks like Facebook.

Incorporate your Twitter handle in the descriptions of your post so individuals can rapidly get a sense for your identity.


Use these basic tips for how to approach someone on LinkedIn for a job.

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