LinkedIn Marketing 12 LinkedIn Messages That Actually Work!: Double your appointments in 1 week & get more leads

This book will give you clear examples of the very first type of prospecting message to send to your potential clients, partners or connections. Use them to double your appointments in 1 week and get more clients.


This is what I call the ‘ice breaker’.

As well as the best 12 templates, you will see an example of where you can use the message and a note on the psychology behind why it’s effective.

This book is for IT consultants, small business owners, freelancers, self employed individuals and creatives entrepreneurs.

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Have you been wondering about what to say to get real & targeted leads?

Do you get stuck when writing your messages to find prospects and make more connections?

Get your creative juices flowing for more engagement and leads to grow your own business!

The 12 templates are short sales scripts you can use when doing your own lead generation.

You can swipe the examples here and replace it with your unique business details.

Important: This is not asking for a direct sale and you will not make money overnight.

This is for exposure, building your credibility, growing your personal brand, letting people know that you exist and you are ready to give them information on your service or products.

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I believe it is important to shamelessly promote yourself, if you are a small business owner and you want to be around for the long-term and build your own legacy.

How do you know if it will work for you?

We’ve sent out over 20,000 messages in our research.

We have proven results with over 1000 prospects reached every single week.

This has lead to a diary fully booked with enjoyable appointments for weeks to come, and lead to increased sales.

Now you can do the same thing, and it doesn’t depend on any software.

Let’s begin!

Get your copy today.

Faithful in your success,

Ruth Noel

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