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In today’s review I will be discussing Linkedinfluence. Linkedin has over 300 million users. 2 new members join every second. It’s the 16th most visited website in the world.

What is it?

This is a comprehensive online course that shows you how to use the popular and top of the authority site LinkedIn to drive tons of traffic to your website and also connect with valuable professionals around the world.

linkedinfluence review

Start Taking Advantage of Linkedin to DriveTraffic, Generate Leads and Boost Your Revenue

After the success of my bestselling Kindle book, ‘12 LinkedIn Messages That Actually Work’, many people from different countries turn to me to request training and advice on how to get exposure and build their own online business. Many of you would have already accessed my free LinkedIn training video tutorial which gives you a boatload of valuable information on how you can use resources for free to build a business. On top of that there is also a webinar and various downloads that you can purchase, which I personally put together and handcrafted to help other self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners to shamelessly promote themselves!

So at this point some people may wonder, why would I share a different course to my own? And the truth is I believe in collaboration and all true experts have a different perspective. Personally I learn from everyone around me and I’m constantly receiving inspiration from others! Therefore, it doesn’t hurt me to put the spotlight on other resources, ideas and courses that can help you. The important thing in building a business is a long-term commitment and you can find the golden gems and pieces of the puzzle from a range of different resources and people.

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So this leads me to share Linkedinfluence by the LinkedIn expertTrevor Turnbull. LinkedInfluence Has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Time and Mashable. What I like about this training course is Trevor has separated it into six models that help you will lead generation and prospecting. You can also use this course to help you with your job search if you are an executive or you’re looking for a new role. But as you know our platform is really about picking out the most valuable resources for self-employed entrepreneurs, so you’ll definitely want to check out today.

When you buy Linkedinfluence it also comes with a bonus on using Twitter for traffic. Trevor also gives you additional bonuses which include done for you message templates and more upgrades. Of course it is going to be useful if you are a believer in using the best communication in business, like myself. I’m always striving and enjoying the art of fine communication. This is because business copywriting it is very different to academic writing and sometimes you’ll be surprised to see how bold and simple communication actually get you top results!

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Is it hype or real?

There are no cons or drawbacks with this course in my view. However, something I would point out is it does take time and consistent action to build your network and your database using Linkedinfluence and you want to make sure that you stay on the good side of the LinkedIn limits and policies… After that you can look to build the relationships and begin to serve others and that’s when you can generate a profit by building your client base from that point onwards.

Personally when I started my business I had no friends or family in business, so LinkedIn was pivotal in making connections. Now I have over 24000 connections – I call them my extended family! So I hope this shows you why I really focus on sharing LinkedIn resources and the value I can give to you too.

In summary, I feel that Linkedinfluence is a great additional training course for people who want to specialise and set up a strong online business foundation and increase the expertise using LinkedIn. Plus, I always loved software and courses that are clear and focus in deep with one platform so this definitely achieves that. Two thumbs up!

Faithful in your success!
Ruth Noel

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*Over 15,000 Sold

P.S. Linkedinfluence is covered with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee.

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