How Much Will AirPods Cost on Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday 2020 deals are already underway for iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and Watches, but demand for AirPods could outpace them. So here in this article, how much will AirPods cost on Black Friday 2020 and AirPods Pro deals? Also included was a selection of the best headphone / headphone deals, including Beats. In this article we will discuss how much will AirPods cost on black Friday 2020.

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Apple AirPods with charging case: Available at Amazon

How Much Will AirPods Cost on Black Friday 2020 a
Check Latest Price: Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Wired)

If you don’t need wireless charging, you can save some money and get the standard 2019 AirPods. While this is certainly a good measure, it’s worth noting that we’ve seen this price since November last year. There could be more discounts on this year’s Black Friday AirPods deals on November 27.

Apple AirPods Pro: £ 199.97 at Laptops Direct

Laptops Direct has been dropping the price of the AirPods Pro to less than £ 200 for a while, and now, this is the best price on true wireless earbuds available today.

AirPods with Wired Charging Case: $ 129

Walmart entered the Black Friday pre-sale game in force by marking the AirPods at $ 99, the lowest price ever. Amazon matched that and (with membership) at Costco and Sam’s Club.

Summary: Which AirPods are best for me?

This Black Friday there are three different models of AirPods to choose from: the Apple AirPods (2019) with a normal charging case or a wireless charging case, and the AirPods Pro.

The 2019 AirPods are an update on the original true wireless earbuds, which come with an H1 chip that enables faster pairing times, more reliable wireless connectivity, and hands-free access to Siri’s voice assistant.

You can get these headphones with a regular charging case or, for a bit more money, a wireless charging case that you can put a Qi-certified charging mat in to boost the battery. Make sure to check which version you’re getting when you see a great Black Friday deal; as a general rule, the wireless charging case is usually more expensive.

Finally, you have the AirPods Pro, which come with Active Noise Cancellation to block out external sound, a new spatial audio feature that delivers Dolby Atmos surround sound, and a sharper design than regular AirPods 2019. AirPods Pro come with a wireless charging case as standard, and they are the most expensive AirPods on the market.

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