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“Cash flow”: What is the Heck, in business to buy?

This is an important discussion, whether you are buying or starting a business, yourself. But it is a term that is used more frequently when analyzing a company for purchase. When buying, the seller or broker will often quote a dollar known as the “cash flow” of the company. Buyers often understand this term, and even the sellers and brokers themselves. Remember that we are accountants, we do not accept ourselves as accountants and we do not even play accountants on television! The discussions provided here should be considered in this regard; however, the term “Cash Flow” is established in any number of documents and reports as a “non-GAAP” financial measure, anyway. (GAAPs themselves are defined as the generally accepted Accounting Principles by which accountants operate). Cash flow is also used as the most frequent term for non-accountants. You see it in the vast majority of advertisements and other promotional materials, when sellers and brokers offer business for sale, but also in more technology-oriented documents, such as quarterly and annual reports of some of the largest companies in the country. . However, in these latter documents, cash flow is generally labeled as a “non-GAAP” financial health measure.

High cash flow business for sale:

Sale of mobile air conditioning for companies.
$ 25,000

fully established business and licensed for sale. Included in the sale: Ford Transit 2010 SWB – 2.2 diesel, all log books, air suspension for transporting more cargo, in very good condition. All the tools with the van: extraction / recycling unit, 2 high-end vacuum pumps, 3 sets of gauges, compressor and generator units, and 2 tool boxes full of tools, printer, etc. Complete a customer database, website and mobile phone. They have full license and comply with ARC. The business has been in operation for more than 15 years, mainly covering the Greencare and Hartsville areas. Good commercial reputation with appeal to commercial customers and consumers. A true cause of sale, the owner has now opened a new workshop and cannot spend time continuing this business.

Business lunch for sale
$ 74,900

When it comes to the perfect lifestyle business, then there is nothing better than this. Imagine that only one day a week works and that at least $ 2000 could earn up to $ 4000! This could be a reality, since you now have the opportunity to buy a well-established food and coffee truck that is permanently marketed in the markets of Cabool Ture every Sunday. This prestigious business has been running for nine years in this place and is well known and the most popular food and beverage sales point are all visitors.

This portable business consists of two businesses / trailers, which can provide simple and delicious options, such as fresh hot breakfast, barista coffee, donuts, crepes, frappes and milkshakes. There is plenty of room to comfortably seat 60 people when they are fully established with packages and seats. The task was to outsource the seating arrangements; the new owner could take this job and increase profits immediately.

Business for sale
$ 70,000

unique business in Queen Victoria Market for sale. This well-established business is located at Queen Victoria Icon and Beog Market with 10 million visitors every year.

Big money business, earning $ 1500 to $ 2500 per week. *** Immediate start available. The option is to work up to 4 days a week or only busy days. The business evolves with signage, permanent sites and visible locations located in the heart of the shopping area. The sale price includes shares and access to wholesale purchases in progress, providing an excellent margin. The position includes a permanent lease contract for a double position on Saturdays and Sundays located at the high traffic main traffic sites near the center, as well as 2 informal posts on Thursdays and Fridays. Wizard Magic Pens is a well-established business in Queen Victoria Market with a regular and consistent weekly cash flow.


Roof cleaning and commercial paint for sale
$ 47,000

Great lifestyle Business flow. Different territories offer the right country of Melbourne and Victoria.

Key business tasks include:

High pressure cleaning

Basic roof repairs

Paint ceilings

The largest turnover exceeds $ 200k, with a net profit of more than $ 100k. With more workers you can easily increase the rotation. Good profit margin in all jobs. The roof sold must be renewed for 6k and should be cleaned approximately 3k. The work takes 2 to 4 days to complete.

Business Machine Candy Vending for sale
$ 14,990

Walking in a fantastic passive business, a great opportunity to earn part-time or supplementary income. As I advance against cancer, I sell 26 l-lolly U-TURN vending machines for $ 14,990 or 13 machines for $ 8,500. The machines are found in restaurants and take-out restaurants, shops, etc. The machines are equipped with mechanisms of $ 1 and $ 2, are compact and can be transported and, since they do not take up much space, they are accepted in common areas.

They are completely mechanical without the need for electricity. Vending machines work well to dispense to all favorite people: MM, Skittles, and Gels beans, Gumballs, Small Toys and Bouncing Balls. It is a very profitable business with large profit margins between 300-500% and very low overhead with little work involved: they must be visited once every 2 months. It is a great opportunity to manage your own small business without the required experience. It generates a cash flow 365 days a year while doing something else, working full time or going on vacation or continuing with your interests.


If you find dark answers, a backup copy of the deal. They only know what they are doing, or more than that, they are hiding something with the intention of being deceiving! The seller or broker should be able to inform you and what has been added or subtracted in a cash flow report and why. Cash flow is not even a universal term. Brokers will have the same dollar amount often labeled as “Discretionary Seller Cashiers” (SDC). EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) is a more detailed term than any other term. But it is not necessarily as exhaustive as what is generally consumed in Cash Flow or SDR. Many, many individuals use many other terms, especially in small businesses. Then, again, you must ask, and again, get the definitions in writing.




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