How Much Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Pay

How Much Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Pay

Are you wondering how much does amazon mechanical turk pay? In this article, I will explain how it works today.


Amazon Mturk

Whenever individuals are looking to earn money from online part-time jobs, Amazon Mechanical Turk is widely desired.

Although the pay is low, why do lots of freelancers still opt for Amazon Mechanical Turk and try must have a side income stream out of it?

This review will throw some light on the way to make the most of this crowdsourcing platform, look at the way freelance marketplaces work and how not to overlook them.


Amazon Mechanical Turk Review – What’s MTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online crowdsourcing marketplace and is among the legit ways to earn money at home as it’s hosted by Amazon itself!

It allows you to earn extra money online by doing surveys, shopping, watching videos and more!

It is a legit and trusted website, plus it is free to sign up so there really is no missing out here.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Job Proof
Amazon Mechanical Turk Job Proof


Amazon Mechanical Turk Sign Up Process:

  1. Click the Worker link on the top right corner of Amazon Mechanical Turk Welcome page.
  2. Provide your Email on Mobile number.
  3. Select I’m a brand new Client option, create a brand new password and start the sign-up process.
  4. Accept the Amazon Mechanical Turk Participation Agreement and fill in your personal information.

It can take a maximum of two days for your registration request to be accepted plus they’ll notify you via email.

You’d get this message on your dashboard letting you know.


How Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Work?

Once you’ve been approved, you’re put under an initial holding period for at least 10 days.

What does that mean?

Amazon mTurk holds the money that you’ve earned for the first 10 days before the transfer to your earnings balance.

You’ll find your earning balance details on your dash panel or earnings page.

U.S Workers and India Workers: You can transfer your earnings to your banking account or to an Gift card.

Other International Workers: You can only transfer your earning balance into an Gift card.


What Are MTurk HITs?

HITS are basically easy to do tasks with no specialised skills involved.

Amazon calls these tasks as Human Intelligence task, hence the term HITs.

The requesters are basically company owners, research companies, consumer product groups and even might be an individual owner.

The workers get paid in return. A typical set of HITs involve market research, collecting data, transcribing and filling in forms.


How Much Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Pay?

To begin with, you can earn money online by completing easy and short tasks on the MTurk site.

There are thousands of different opportunities available.

You can earn between $2/hour – $8/hour, this is an average of the workers’ earnings.

In addition, I should point out that there is a limit on the daily HITS (or tasks) that you can do.

Despite that, if you focus on it you can build up a steady additional income stream.

A requester can also send you a bonus for doing great work.


In conclusion, I hope you have learned more about how much does amazon mechanical turk pay.

In relation, you can visit their FAQ worker page of Amazon mTurk to know more in detail.


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