Streetbees Scholarship and Streetbees App Review



What is Streetbees?

Streetbees is building the first commercial information market, connecting brands and agencies with real people on the ground through our innovative application and conversations to gather information in real-time and current. Streetbees pay you to answer questions from major brands. They also give away the Streetbees scholarship

In 2018 they released a video discussing how to apply for the scholarship. However, this time it does not appear to be running now.

Streetbees has become a well-funded and legit company. To find out more about what they do with new funding visit

As an alternative, you can apply to work with them through their Streetbees careers.

They are looking for people who want to participate in their fast growing business as a Client-Partner, seeking and developing relationships with global brands in industries such as FMCG / CPG, Telecommunications, Media, Retail and Home / Utilities.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the business, the brand, the industry, the consumers / customers of the client, as well as the role of the consumers’ perception to give life to their commercial ambitions.
  • Identify, evaluate and manage all aspects of our sales process, from identifying expectations to closing sales.
  • Create consultancy (park) productions using industry knowledge, market trends and the unique solutions provided through the Streetbees community and technology platform.
  • Present solutions based on the needs and high quality responses to requests for proposals (RFP), from contextual understanding to the research and pricing approach.
  • Assume the responsibility to establish positive relationships with the client over time as a trusted trustee in the consumer’s knowledge space.
  • Develop short and long-term strategies for large client accounts, and distribute them to build a solid and sustainable project portfolio.
  • Manage the ultimate profit and loss liability for your customer relationship portfolio
  • To contribute significantly to Streetbees’ new business objectives, to manage leaders accurately and effectively to prioritize business opportunities and internal resources.
  • Cooperate with our compact team of strategists, community managers, technology engineers and product managers to improve and develop ways of working that serve our customers and scales up to USP Streetbees
  • Contribute to the retention and encouragement of quality equipment for Customer Growth.


Skills and Experience:

  • Experts in B2B sales, ideally solutions and technological services.
  • Must have experience in sales from new companies or small and medium enterprises to large business clients.
  • We are looking for hunters, not farmers; He must be an expert in the whole process of business development, from The Reach-Out, through The Pic, to The Close and everything in the middle.
  • Used for high value markets (£ 200k – £ 3m)
  • It is used as a sales cycle of between 6 and 12 months.


Streetbees Overview


To get the full overview of how Streetbees works you can also download the app for free.

The purpose of the app is to pay you for your opinion and they connect you with brands around the world who want feedback.

More than 1 million users, or bees, in 150 countries around the world use the Streetbees app to share moments of their daily lives through videos, photos and text and provide companies with all the information they want.

By applying high-level natural language processing technology to get results, Streetbees not only collects what they do, but why they do it and what motivates them, and predict what they will do next.

As a result, Streetbees customers, including Unilever, PepsiCo, BBC World Service, Vodafone and L’Oréal, and nine of the ten most important consumer goods in the world (FMCG) receive a rich vision of the communities globally.

They can get data from users anywhere in the world on an unprecedented scale and at an affordable cost, helping them understand new or unusual markets.

Through using the Streetbees platform, the best brands in the world can make more precise decisions about consumer behaviour and predict future trends with confidence.


Streetbees App Review and Benefits

If the Streetbees scholarship is not available to you then you can start by using the Streetbees app to see what the company does.

You register for free by clicking ‘Become a Bee’.

You then have the change to get paid up to $5 – $10 for each task.

This is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash via a trusted company on your phone.

The benefit of using the Streetbees app is that it is fun and simple work for funds.

The more responsive you are in completing your initial registration survey then the more questions and tasks you will see appearing on the Streetbees homepage.

In closing, Streetbees was launched in 2015 and in less than a year it was extended to 87 countries.

They work with Unilever, Pepsi and Uber clients, generating valuable property data and knowledge.

Streetbees is supported by world-class investors such as Local Globe, Octopus and BGF Ventures.


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