How Does a Financial Advisor Find Clients

How Does a Financial Advisor Find Clients

Do you need to know how does a financial advisor find clients?

Being a financial advisor with many needs for more clients is a challenge.

When you got your qualifications they probably didn’t teach you how to pro-actively get clients on your own.

In addition to traditional education courses, you may need to be certified as a certified financial planner (CDP) or as a collegiate financial analyst (CFA) to exit the competition.

The US Department of Labor reports that there have been 271,000 financial advisors since 2016, which is expected to increase by 15% over the next decade.


Why Find Clients?:

While the pay can be good, it is a challenge to trust these clients will stick around forever so you have to build a solid book of leads and new clients.

This is how you can keep increasing your income.

If you are a new financial advisor, consider some of the following methods to obtain your first clients.


1. Cultivate Your Influence

As a new financial advisor, you must leverage your inner circle.

This allows you to build a growing network that can provide continuous references to the services you provide.

You can do this through marketing on social networks or personal relationships, although the latter is the most effective.

Do not limit yourself to growing your network.

My advice to any new financial advisor of new companies is to use” leverage “through the use of LinkedIn connections such as accountants, investors, lawyers and human resources directors.


2. Serve the Underserved

People who retire, or who are about to retire, can be a great source of clients for many financial advisers.

This will only increase as the number of people over 65 years of age doubles in the coming years.

While this number offers many opportunities, it also means that this demographic will be one of the most specific in the future.

Instead of focusing on customers with excess income, consider focusing on low-interest demographics.

Most of the consultants who work with individuals about to retire find it easier.

I spent some time focusing on speaking to my own LinkedIn account to learn more.

When establishing contacts with other advisors you can ask them about what they have found to be effective.


3. Become Involved in the Community

One of the best ways to get your first clients as a consultant is to get involved in your community.

While traditional marketing methods require money, community participation is sometimes required.

You may not understand technical online marketing, but community participation provides a natural way to establish contacts with the people around you.

Find an organization that supports an event that you enjoy and in which you are involved.

This will connect you with like-minded people who can be clients for your practice.


4. Play the Game

Finding clients as a new financial advisor is a numbers game.

You may have heard some of the following to get new customers:

  • Cold calls
  • Provide free meals to assist to encourage the presentation
  • Putting on door
  • Business cards at fairs

These techniques and many more will provide numbers, but it can be difficult to build a strong customer network.

During the first decade as a consultant, many advisors struggle with the customer acquisition process: cold calls, door installation, seminars and references were my only solutions.

This can be very slow. So find a way to do lead generation online.


How Does a Financial Advisor Find Clients – The Bottom Line

When people hire a financial advisor, they often look at people with credibility, who can establish themselves better by building relationships.

In conclusion, by building up your own community and through your own network, you can build a business that will grow with you for years.


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