Financial Advisor Prospecting Scripts


Here are financial advisor prospecting scripts that you can customise on your own or copy and paste.

This is a prospecting script for a financial consultant to transfer the potential new customer to the sales process.


In the case of my clients, I define follow-up as email marketing, face-to-face communication, asking questions, or deepening and discovering the real need.

Be interested in the other person and it pays off!

TIP: Get an instant relationship! Creating relationships is the most important objective in the first meeting.

If you can prove that I can talk to you about anything and spend time with you, you will find the business flows easy.

This is the same for your clients looking for financial advisors.

TIP: You can decide if the script below should be divided into two meetings.

A quality initial meeting and a second one-on-one meeting.

*These financial advisor prospecting scripts work well for LinkedIn prospecting.


Here are the Financial Advisor Prospecting Scripts


Rapport Building and Introduction:

Intro: NAME OF THE PERSPECTIVE, you are from CITY.

  • How long did you live there? I have always wanted to visit.
  • What do you suggest I see if I visit?
  • The fans of sports?

Social proof: I found out about you from a joint connection. How do you know CLIENT A? [Discuss common interests].

Testimonial: We helped him to save… [a specific way you saved money or got results. Discuss how it worked for the client].

Pro Tip: Build rapport in the beginning and use the prospects name often.

Meeting statement: Thank you, NAME, for this meeting with me. You have indicated that you are interested in finding a financial advisor.

Credibility statement: Well, you’re getting to the right place. I help MY TARGET CLIENTS achieve their financial goals through financial planning and investment management. My clients improve my financial situation after working with me. I know I can do the same for you.

Control the call statement: Today, in this call, we will cover your needs, what I offer and if we are good at working together. It usually takes around 60 minutes. You are likely to receive very valuable information during our call, so I recommend taking notes. I know that my assistant has already sent you some things, including my financial experience that explains our service program and what makes us different.

Request permission/agreement: So, do you think it’s ok that if I ask you questions to better understand your needs and see if I can save you more money?



Clarify understanding of Financial Planning/Investment Management:

  •  So, WHAT WHY NOW, have you worked with a financial planner/investment manager before?
  • What have you heard about financial planning in the past?
  • What worked well?
  • What did you least enjoy?
  • Many people will tell you that financial planning is effective because it is an ongoing relationship that covers all aspects of your financial life. What are you looking for in a consultant?
  • What do you want your advisor to do for you?


Questions to Understand Their Current Situation:

  • I want you to know you’re better, tell me a bit about your background.
  • You indicated that you were interested in [improving your financial situation] and I always like to explore the motivation behind the decision. So, what is your motivation to work on your finances? That is, what are you struggling with currently?
  • How will financial planning improve your life?
  • You would like [to improve your financial situation] to have a better life and make provisions for your family? Is that correct?
  • In terms of your experience with money, what is your biggest financial gain and how did you feel about it?
  • What are some of your financial dreams?
  • So I’m curious, what financial situation do you have now?
  • What do you think you could do better?


Questions To Understand What They Want in the Future:

  • What do you want to change about your financial situation?
  • What do you want to earn money for you?
  • Well, my philosophy is that financial planning and investment management help clients get organized and have a faster lifestyle and know that the future is planned for them.
  • Does it make sense to you?

Pro Tip: Ask ‘yes’ questions to move smoothly through the prospecting process.



 Success Story Statement:

  • I can think of a client who was in the same position as you now [describes the client’s problem and use numbers/statistics].
  • After working with me, the BENEFITS FOR THE SOLUTIONS are now the first NAME.
  • Is that the kind of lifestyle you would like to follow? 
  • We have covered what you are looking for and we give you some advice about what you might need.
  • Working with me will help you achieve your financial goals. This is what I offer:
  • I encourage you to develop a financial plan so that you have a clear financial orientation.
  • I help you create an investment plan based on your risk tolerance so you can invest properly.
  • I work with you monthly to monitor your plan and make sure you are on the right path.
  • [Discuss customer service experience and support].


Discuss Your Fees:

  • This is what I charge for financial planning.
  • This is what I charge for investment management.
  • Here are a few options/packages to compare.


Ask For the Business:

  • What date would you like to start working together?
  • Do you want the contract to be in your name or your company’s name? 
  • Do you want to pay by cheque or credit card?


In closing, these are simple financial advisor prospecting scripts you can put into your sales process.


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