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The Internet has provided an important way for large companies to connect with customers around the world. What small businesses needed was a way to get their message across to local citizens (potential customers). In this article, we will discuss 2 ways to get paid incoming SMS.

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Today, your ability to work from your phone with SMS came about as a result of the efforts of observant entrepreneurs. That gentleman realized that there might be a more useful purpose for the text messages that mobile phone users consider spam. In fact, he devised a way for mobile phone users to get a small payment to receive SMS.

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Receive Payments in SMS:

Most importantly, an advertiser could send a text message only to young students. Then those students could be encouraged to request these text messages. A program could be created that would award coupons to mobile phone users who have agreed to receive the new text messages. Offers and discounts could be promised to students from the companies sending those messages.

Of course the man who envisioned the most “acceptable” texting realized that today’s students may need more than coupons and specialists. For that reason, the same man added something else to his planned program. This recharge is what will allow you to pay to receive SMS.

Earn Money Receiving SMS

It’s actually possible that you can now make money by receiving promotional text messages on your mobile phone and doing nothing. Few companies and websites in UK pay you a little passion for every promotional SMS they send you after signing up. In simple words, these initiatives can be another form of high-tech advertising.

Well, if you think these promotional SMS are going to annoy you, it is not like that. It is totally up to you, how many SMS are available and at what time. You will be paid by the number of SMS sent to you multiplied by the flat rate they pay for each promotional SMS they send.

1. mGinger

MGinger is one of the first participants in such an initiative and is believed to be one of the most trusted companies to earn money from receiving SMS.

2. McMoney

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Download the app here:

This one is so easy. You sign up once and they pay you to recieve text messages from networks around the world. However, don’t expect to a lot of cash here.

Other options:

  • mGarlic
  • SMS2Earn
  • mEarn
  • adMAD

Before you go, I hope this above article about how to get paid incoming SMS is helpful and beneficial for you. If you have questions put it in the comments section.


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