Is McMoney Legit?

Here is information about whether it is real so that you can learn, ‘Is McMoney legit?’ Stay informed.

McMoney is a legitimate application that allows you to earn money with your smartphone. If your question is being answered don’t wait a minute to find out.  How the app works and how much you will earn from the app. So you know everything you need to know about the McMoney app, including the complaint.

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What is McMoney?

McMoney is an Android application that allows you to pay to receive SMS. There is no need to complete a survey or other task, which means you are earning 100% passive income.

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Download the app here:

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Earn money by doing nothing.
  • There are strict measures to protect your privacy.
  • The application does not consume important device resources.
  • There is now a referral program.


  • Very low-income potential.
  • Meeting the minimum payment can take a long time.
  • Some countries are not accepted, India is one of them.
  • There may be conflicts with the messaging applications.


 Is McMoney a scam?

McMoney is certainly not a scam. The application is owned and operated by CM.COM Netherlands B.V. An international company specialized in secure messaging and SMS systems.

How does the McMoney app work?

The McMoney app is easy to use, just download the app at and install it and make sure you have a good internet connection to receive test SMS messages and earn money from it. The number of test SMS messages you receive per day depends on your country and internet availability you can expect to receive between 2 and 5 text messages per day if you go more than 3 days without receiving any text messages, you should verify your Internet connection or contact McMoney for assistance.

Every test SMS message you receive from McMoney telling you that you automatically earn between $ 0.02 and $ 0.06 when you reach the payment threshold of $ 2.0, you can request your payment through PayPal, but to get to $ 2.0 it will take you almost as long as half a month or less for you. With the number of test SMS messages you receive and how much they are worth receiving, you can calculate how many text messages you need to receive to request your payment, and you can say that you won’t. trust the McMoney app to pay your mortgage.


Why does McMoney pay users to get text messages?

It is important to mention that the messages are random characters without any meaning. They are not spam, which means that no advertising company wants to sell you any products.

McMoney sends these messages to you so you can test the range of SMS on mobile networks around the world. Its main objective is to ensure that these networks transfer content correctly.


How much money can you earn?

McMoney claims that a user can earn around $ 5 a month. However, after reading many comments on the internet, I found that this is not always the case.

From what I saw on the internet, you can expect to earn $ 0.02 – $ 0.06 per SMS depending on your country. So the more messages you get, the more money you make, but the problem is the texts can take a long time.



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