Get Paid To Answer Text Messages

According to the CTIA and worldwide texting statistics, more than 6 billion text messages are sent every day and more than 180 billion every month. In this article, we have put together some tips on how to get paid to answer text messages.

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Try to remember when you received your first phone. Do you remember your first text message and who sent it to you? If you pay $ 1 for each text message, how rich will you be now? Well, there are different ways to earn money just by texting. These easy ways to extract additional deposits from text messages are compiled in this article on paid text opportunities online.

5 Get paid to reply to text messages online opportunities

1. McMoney

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Earning money through text messages with McMoney is simple. McMoney is an application that allows you to pay to read text messages. All you have to do to earn money is download the McMoney app immediately. Once you have the app, you win every time you get a text message. Just set your default text messaging app for McMoney.

Once you get text messages from family, friends, business partners, and everything else you have, you earn some cubes. So with McMoney, you get paid to read text messages. The application works with mobile operators who seek the opinions of their users to improve their services. When you download the app, you are paid $ 0.05 for each text message you receive.

2. KGB

KGB is a survey website open to US residents only, the company pays you to answer questions people ask you. Earning income from the KGB would require you to provide some proof, such as your social security number, to ensure that you reside in the United States.

The company prefers people with good research and communication skills and pays you $ 0.10 per response and $ 0.05 for each validation performed.

3. The Free Eats Network

Free Eats Network is another app that texts you for brand reviews. All you have to do is receive this text message and review the advertisements it contains. Users are credited for every text message they receive. This application allows you to pay to read text messages.

The website collaborates with major brands in the United States to review how those brands balance in the market. After a few text messages, you can get your earnings back via PayPal.

4. Hummr

Hummr is an application in which you can send text messages to people who want to work. Are you an expert in something like graphic design or web development? Are you an expert in a trade in high demand?

The Hummr app connects you with people who would pay for your services, although you may have to face stiff competition from other competitors for lucrative land deals.

5. Chat Recruit

Recruiting a conversation is a fun way to earn money through text messages created for women. Men are on the platform, but making money from chat is reserved for women. So women get paid to text chat with men on the platform.

Users are paid to send text messages to men. You can also increase your earnings by making voice or video calls on the platform. Users are advised to be careful in their conversations with male users, as the company is not responsible for any misfortunes between users.

Before you go, I hope this above article on how to get paid to answer text messages is helpful and beneficial for you.

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