Beginning Internet Marketing: Promoting ClickBank Products

Do you want to know how to make money with ClickBank by selecting high-paying products? If you are a newbie this guide will help you out so that you make more money online promoting the right products in the right places. See more below.

Promoting ClickBank products provides another option if you don’t need to promote offers from a large affiliate network such as Commission Junction or if there are just a few offers related.

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Best ClickBank Products To Promote 2019

Finding a ClickBank offer that is great to promote can be a tricky process, and it is worth it to do some background research on the individual or the company who is the product vendor. 

There is a multitude of categories and subcategories with variation within everyone.


Top Selling ClickBank Products 2019

The three main areas that fulfil an immediate want or need and are documented as the top-selling on Clickbank include:

  1. Relationships
  2. Wealth
  3. Health

So a product with high popularity or gravity in one of these areas would naturally be a fantastic place to start. 

You can see each product with details showing sales and pay-out figures and a gravity number which tells you if it is currently selling.

Offers that have gravity is going to have a lot of people promoting it. 

For example, in the Affiliate Marketing (Wealth) area John Crestani’s Autowebinar is one of the best products that has sold on ClickBank for a long-time.

This means it will be highly competitive but also tells you that there is money to be made.

A great guide is that any offer that has a gravity of more or twenty with a payout of at least twenty dollars should be alright to promote. 

Some people like to choose offers where there’s a level of pain or secrecy involved things such as acne cures, mole and wart treatment or penis enlargement where individuals are more inclined to purchase online.

In summary, you could choose the top-selling product in any category and make money but how do you know it’s an excellent offer? 

Ultimately, it is your reputation that will suffer if you promote a low-quality package.

The best thing to do is buy the product and use it if it gives you value for money. 

This provides product research, and you can tell your potential clients since you are a consumer of the product. 

Having an in-depth knowledge of what you are currently selling also can help as you learn to think like the customer or hone your sales pitch.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a ClickBank Affiliate

Being a ClickBank affiliate has some good points and some bad ones. 

You can be sure that you will get paid on time, and that it will be for the perfect amount, but you need to wait around for days before getting paid. 

Also, customers are eligible for refunds so your first sales figures can be reduced, and your final payment could be a fraction of what you expected on some occasions.

This scenario is usually the result of product selection that is not a true match where the affiliate has only looked at the money to be made rather than in the quality and value of the offer they promoted.


How To Choose Genuine Legit ClickBank Products

An awful offer to promote is one that tells people they can get rich quick, “Buy this software, you push a button and generate a mountain of cash in 24 hours” this kind of thing is simply impossible.

And the people buying are desperate to make money and cannot really afford to risk any.

The sales figures shown are those from selling the software rather than from using it.

When looking at the sales material, this should be an immediate red flag; you damage your reputation will lose pay-outs and lose trust as a result of promoting this type of thing with your client base.

When opening their merchandise, the purchaser discovers that to get the all singing and dancing version they need to go through two to four more upselling stages increasing the cost drastically. 

You need to check to find out if these transactions are through ClickBank or if the vendor is using their own shopping cart so you don’t miss out at least.

Clicking on the buy it button will soon give you the answer, make certain to check this it is going to show where the vendor’s interests are, and your client is going to have a hard time obtaining a refund on the excess items.

For example, does the customer need to purchase hosting?  They might need to use the provider suggested with the vendor who is getting commissions for every package.  It pays nothing the affiliate.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, but I am simply highlighting how it works for you before you get started.

Other things to look for are a dead-end email sign up boxes that offer great things, but when you give the information it contributes to nothing or says”401 error”. 

In the very least, customers should receive the free information they requested or be redirected to a useful video sales page that explains more about the product.

Try to avoid products where there will be no help desk information or no customer support. 

On the opposite side, products that include customer support are great because they can give a helping hand to new customers and that builds confidence and quality and saves time for you.

Additionally, if the customer has no way of contacting the vendor and can not claim a refund that must be avoided.

This is why I like using sites like ClickBank or WArrior Plus because they handle all of that for me.

E.g. If a customer buys software that doesn’t work, your customer will request a refund, and ClickBank will oblige. 

In effect, it is a good guarantee when you are marketing.

Vendors are earning very nicely as a result of your hard work, so make sure you have a solid funnel and give it a try.


Quality Products To Promote From ClickBank

In summary, below is a list of what you need to avoid:

  1. A poor-quality product
  2. There is no follow-up information
  3. No obvious aid or support contact
  4. Dead end information capture
  5. Misleading sales information
  6. You don’t get paid for the sale
  7. High refund rate

This is the description of an offer that is bad, however many products available are great value for money.

Quality products are accompanied by an honest sales pitch that tells you precisely what you will get and how hard you will need to work.

There will be no gimmicks inside and often a free bonus with a very obvious support structure in place.

The purchaser will be pleased and not as inclined to need a refund; you are going to get paid, and everyone will be happy. 

Because they trust you and there is a guarantee in place you will see your affiliate commissions steadily increasing over the year.

It is one of the internet marketing basics that you build trust, and this is often mistaken by the individual beginning internet marketing.

Lastly, if you are going to learn marketing, then find a mentor or expert to guide you.


Final Note

If you want your money struggles to end learn more about how to make money with ClickBank by signing up for the free training and follow the steps to build up your passive income over time via the Internet. 


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