Review of AppCoiner 2018

Our Review

Affiliate marketing is a wide array of making money online. It’s either skilled-based or an expertise to one or more topics. As we are in the era of booming technology that almost everything is just a finger tap away. Portable gadgets such as smartphones and tablets are pack with applications used to sync your other devices, manage your daily schedule, office related and entertainment. The average of applications published every month is more than a million – imagine how many application per day were being published. Everything that hits the marketplace was being reviewed by experts and users to give the public consumer an overview of each product and mobile applications are no exemption.

With an overwhelming number of published apps per day, it’s hard to just rely on the experts or professionals point of view as they are being outnumbered! Now, they have an idea of distributing these amount of task by letting ordinary users to test and review the application. The qualified users to test the application are paid. This way, developers see the benchmark of the application straight from the public consumer’s point of view.

If you spend most of your time on your mobile devices downloading the latest app or tinkering its usage, then why not make a profit out of it?! Join the online community of testers at AppCoiner and get paid while enjoying the perks of the first-hand touch of the latest and upcoming mobile applications.

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