ClickBank for Beginners

ClickBank For Beginners: How To Earn Money With ClickBank

Learning how to make money with ClickBank for beginners is not always as easy as it may seem.

Learning how to really find the products that work and then be able to work toward driving visitors to offers that convert is tricky at first.

Truth be told, that traffic is truly the “holy grail” of being a successful affiliate marketer.

For people who aren’t comfortable with online marketing, ClickBank is a brand new world.

To describe, ClickBank is an online marketplace for sellers to sell their information products.

Who are the sellers?

Anyone who has an “information” product like software applications, an e-book, etc. to market online.

Who are affiliates?

The people who will send visitors to the vendor’s “sell” page in an attempt to earn a commission from the visitors that choose to purchase.


How To Get ClickBank Money

Firstly, make sure you complete the ClickBank sign up.

ClickBank is home to hundreds and hundreds of sellers that are attempting to find affiliates that will send visitors to their information product offering.

ClickBank tries to help affiliates decide which products have the best chance of “converting” visitors by providing a collection of metrics at the base of each vendor product offering.

However, it is safe to say that the vast majority of products for sale on ClickBank make no or little sales.

It is of the classic rule of sales, 20% of the sellers do 80% of the sales.

This fact is easy to notice when somebody on ClickBank’s system bothers to hunt deeper than the first page of results that it search system.

Pro Tip: Use the “search by Gravity” on ClickBank for beginners.

Many products have little or no sales or “gravity” amounts, simply because they have little if any sales.

The problem for affiliate marketer who wants to learn how to make money with ClickBank is finding the products in each category that convert visitors.

Let’s face it, if you’re new to ClickBank and try to promote only the top vendors with the best “gravity,” you’ll be going against some of the most sophisticated marketers on the Internet.

And might have a very tough time making sales.

However, the key to this solution can be found in the fact that ClickBank’s internal search function is used to find “hot” high paying affiliate products.


Final Note

Hence, it ends up that many affiliates, both new and seasoned, wind up all chasing the products that are top, thereby cannibalizing each other’s sales.

However, ClickBank for beginners works by finding special gems that may be converting well.

What’s often overlooked is that there are certain ” sleeper” products on ClickBank that might not have the highest sales numbers, but are hidden gold mines waiting for the right affiliate.

Next, what’s needed is the right sort of automated system and funnel.

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