How to Find the Top Affiliate Marketing Programs


Previously, we examined how to obtain a marketing niche to target for your affiliate marketing promotions. The next step is to locate the top affiliate marketing programs in your chosen niche.

We start our search by looking into affiliate marketing networks that are important links between affiliates and sellers.

There also individual companies that offer affiliate marketing programs and the list is endless.

Therefore, by searching the top affiliate marketing programs, it is usually easier to find an abundance of programs that will pay you well.

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Joining top affiliate marketing programs

Since Clickbank is the most well-known Affiliate Marketing Network we focus especially on Clickbank affiliate programs.

However, you could extend your search to other important marketing networks such as Click2Sell Amazon, CJ, Plimus, Tradedoubler, and PayDotCom.

Sometimes it is useful to think about the products and services you have already used in your business or recommend your favourite Amazon books.

Some networks such as Tradedoubler offer mainly physical products, whereas other ones such as PayDotCom and Clickbank offer digital products and information.

Moreover, the commission percentage is usually higher for the information and electronic products (up to 75%).

Subsequently, when you become a super affiliate you gain higher paying opportunities.


The 3 steps for success with top affiliate marketing programs

After joining ClickBank (which is fairly easy) follow the steps below:

A) Access the marketplace option

You will be able to find a list of categories such as Business/Investing Arts, Computers/Internet and many others. Select a category for your niche and interests, and you’ll find a list.

B) For each product

You will see a brief description, useful statistics, and links such as the item pitch page, the seller spotlight.

As well as, a market button which allows you to get your hoplink for the promotion of the affiliate product.

C) Check commission rates

One of the statistics you should especially consider is the $/sale.

That’s the commission amount you will get for each affiliate sale.

Future $ is the average amount that an affiliate will make for recurring billing products

Also, check the gravity which represents the average number of different affiliates who obtained a commission for this item is the previous few weeks.

Very products that are popular usually have high gravity, but this is also an indicator that there are many affiliates and this could make your sales more likely (if you have fresh traffic sources).



The steps above will allow you to single out good products that offer commissions.

Additionally, the top affiliate marketing programs offer recurring income from monthly subscriptions.

Once you have your list of the best affiliate products, you can utilise other useful tools such as

The promotion of every product that you choose will require efforts and time, and normally results do not appear overnight.

Importantly, maintain your advertising efforts to keep your marketing campaigns.

Finally, I’d advice you to keep focused on your online business.

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