Cash Registers for Small Business Touch Screen

A cash register combines a secure cash box and receipt printer in one operating unit to use in your business. Many connect to credit card terminals and barcode scanners, and some incorporate inventory and point of sale (POS) software for added functionality. Let’s look at the best small business cash registers that offer a range of low-priced features. So now we will talk about cash registers for small business touch screen.

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How We Evaluate Small Business Cash Programs

Small business owners have two general options when choosing a small business cash register. You can use a program-based system or choose programs that work with point of sale (POS) software. Cash registers work well for companies that need a simple machine to calculate sales, complete customer payments, print receipts, and store cash. POS systems do all of this and provide a complete set of business management tools, some of them at a relatively low cost.


We recommend Square as the best cash register with POS technology for small businesses, offering a complete set of free sales, payment, inventory and business administration tools. In addition, it also offers you some inexpensive registration options. Unlike traditional cash registers, with Square you can process sales and manage your entire business from your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can use one or more over the counter programs to fulfill any in-store sales requirement.

Casio PCR-T280

If you just want a simple cash register to make payments wherever you sell, the Casio PCR-T280 electronic cash register offers a good set of sales features for under $ 100. Plus, it weighs 11 pounds for portability. Available on Amazon and through most retail and office supply companies, this compact Casio cash program has a proven track record of reliable performance for both temporary market vendors and small retailers.

Casio SE-C3500

The Casio SE-C3500 offers a breakthrough in the functionality of the basic PCR-T280 described above. Priced at just under $ 400 the SE-C3500 is a fair jump in price.  But to that end you get plenty of extra capacity. In particular the SE-C3500 stores up to 7,000 item prices compared to the PCR-T280 1200 making it well-suited for stores with large product lists. In addition it supports an integrated barcode scanner.  And credit card terminal has a usable spill-resistant keyboard with 72 programmable hotkeys.  Tracks commissions for up to 50 users and more.

Sharp XE-A207

In terms of features and price the Sharp XE-A207 is among the two Casio programs mentioned above. However it offers something that these and many other inexpensive cash registers do not link to the market.  A link to your QuickBooks Pro software. This allows you to import your sales data directly into QuickBooks to optimize your accounting.  And use QuickBooks to manage business tasks like inventory tracking purchase orders and business reports.

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed’s POS based cash program offers a comprehensive suite of multi-story management tools that can connect inventory, purchasing, equipment and business management tasks across multiple locations. As a POS based program system, it allows you to configure multiple programs in one place or multiple locations and connect all the data within a centralized cloud-based software system. Square, our other highly rated POS-supported program, has a nice set of multi-site management tools, but Lightspeed is deeper. However, both programs earn standard cash when applied to multiple locations and provide complete operational oversight.


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