Best cash register app for small business

Considering small business cash programs

Do you need the best cash register app for small business? Small business owners have two general options when choosing a cash register for small businesses. You can use a program-based system or select programs that operate with POS software.

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Cash registers work well for companies that need a simple machine to sell, make payments to customers, print receipts and store cash. POS systems offer all this a complete set of business management tools, some at very low cost.

Since the price of the CSO system is no longer separated from the original cash registers, we explore both options in this guide and compare how they handle the different systems:

  • Credit Card Processing Options
  • Sales and check processes
  • Provision of paper or electronic receipts
  • Bar code readers and external printers.
  • Product management, prices and inventory counts.
  • Staff logon tracking
  • Sales are tracked by staff
  • Register customer data
  • Sales reports and commercial data.
  • Multi-program and multi-storage connectivity.
  • Marketing and customer loyalty programs.
  • Integration of websites and online sales
  • Easy to set up


5 POS Apps Tablet that could not delete your cash register

Each satisfies a particular type or size of business, with design characteristics of the unique needs of food trucks, fashion retailers and more. But with many people to choose from, it is vital to choose the perfect system to meet the needs of your business.

1. Vend

Vend loves retail! They specialize in small and medium retail outlets, provide a simple user interface with central performance, such as inventory management, loyalty system and reporting tools. Vend has offices in Auckland, Melbourne, San Francisco and Toronto, working with more than 10,000 retailers worldwide. Vend offers a monthly staggered pricing model also available from $ 69, depending on the size of your business. Email support is included, but there is ongoing telephone support and additional training. You can select the maximum number of programs, with the flexibility to climb the path: there are additional programs in each plan.
When installed, self-service and storage stations allow customers to interact and participate with customer-friendly technologies during their meal. While these tablets increase customer experience and help increase time, McDonald’s can create more sales opportunities, a victory for everyone.

2. Lightspeed

mainly focused on the retail industry and supporting companies of all sizes, there are two offers at Lightspeed; Lightspeed Cloud and Lightspeed Pro. Starting at $ 99 per month, Cloud seems to be the most convenient and flexible of the two platforms, offering workflow and a slightly improved interface. Both systems incorporate a normal inventory, loyalty and report management common to many POS tablets.

3. Shopkeep

Purchases mainly focus on the hospitality market, especially in the fast service restaurant (QSR) industry. Including normal stock inventory management data reporting loyalty programs.  And basic CRM capabilities a Shopkeep interface is clean simple and easy to use. With a $ 69 fee per simple month Shop keep offers a free hardware configuration for a program. When you sign up for the test.

4. Revel

Like Shop, Revel serves the hotel industry and QSR. The company’s platform is divided by type of store, providing specific solutions for several companies (POS Cafeterias, Pizza Restaurant POS, POS Truck Food, etc.). The cloud-based system is the most personalized POS platform on the market. This differentiation is reflected in a price point, but this is not revealed on its website. In addition, Revel offers a wide range of hardware accessories that include silver drawers, credit cards, scales, barcode scanners and network equipment.

5. Kounta

Kounta came from Australia and quickly expanded to the United Kingdom and the United States. The company mainly focuses on the hospitality sector, and its main clients are coffee shops, bars or key restaurants (a section on service improvement, self-service). The cloud-based platform can run on any device, while using Safari or Chrome. Kounta hardware does not sell, but it has a network of partners that can help guide customers to buy a complete system for the Best cash register app for small business.


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