Can you link Venmo to a credit card? An easy guide 2021

Venmo is a financial app that allows users to transfer money, receive money, and make super-fast, super-easy purchases. One of the things users are most interested in about this app is whether it can be linked to a credit card to flex their cash flow. Through credit cards, users also have more incentives when shopping, such as accumulating cashback points or installments. Can you link Venmo to a credit card? Well, here are the details about this.

About Venmo

  • Venmo is a digital wallet available in the US, users can use it on iOS and Android operating systems
  • It is both an electronic wallet that helps users make money transfers and receive money as well as a social network. Through Venmo, users can see who their friends trade for, about what, and they can also comment on it
  • Venmo still ensures users’ privacy by allowing them to set up transaction visibility through 3 modes: Public, Friend, and Private
  • Currently, this application has more than 60 million users

Can we link Venmo to a credit card?

The answer is yes. Not only can you link to credit cards, you can also link Venmo to bank accounts and Mastercard debit cards. Additionally, Venmo now issues credit cards to eligible account holders. In the upcoming section, we’ll show you how to link Venmo to your credit card and sign up for a Venmo credit card.

Instructions to link Venmo to a Credit Card

Here are the detailed steps for you to link Venmo to a Credit Card:

  • Go to the home screen of the Venmo app, click the three dashes icon in the corner of the screen
  • Go to “Settings”, select the “Payment method” button
  • Click the “Add bank and card” button then select “Card”
  • Next, you can use your phone’s camera to add card information automatically or fill it out manually

Conditions for you to link your credit card with Venmo:

  • You need to complete identity verification
  • Valid credit card
  • Venmo is only available in the US, but your credit card can be paid anywhere

Information to know when using the credit card linking feature on Venmo

  • Venmo charges 3% for individual credit card transactions
  • However, when you buy from Venmo partners, there is no charge
  • You cannot transfer your money to a credit card
  • In the process of linking or using a credit card, if you encounter a transaction error, you should contact the card issuer to resolve it. Usually it’s because you entered the wrong ZIP code or the card’s expiration date is wrong
  • If you incorrectly updated your card information, remove it from the link and do it again

Discover Venmo Credit Card

Another way for you to use a credit card associated with Venmo is by using a Venmo credit card. This is a Visa card and is issued by Venmo. So it has more to optimize user experience than foreign credit cards.

Advantages of Venmo credit card:

  • The physical card has a very stylish design with 5 different decoration styles
  • Help users make contactless payments, reducing the risk of disease infection
  • Users are not charged an annual fee
  • Easier to use than if you linked a foreign credit card
  • Currently, Venmo is giving away $100 for new users
  • You will get cashback when you spend with this credit card
  • Make transactions by QR code, relatively secure for users
  • APR Annual Percentage Rate is 15.24% – 24.24%

Outstanding benefits when you own a Venmo credit card:

  • Get 10% off services at many golf courses around the world
  • You can transfer money urgently through Synchrony
  • Activation of Visa Signature Luxury Hotel benefits – Benefits for people staying at luxury hotels
  • 15% off rental price on the whole Audi system
  • Quickly buy gifts, book bus tickets, book hotels with Visa Signature Concierge system

Instructions for applying for a Venmo credit card:

  • Go to the app’s home screen, tap the ☰ icon
  • Then click the “Learn More” button next to Venmo Credit Card
  • Before pressing the Apply button, you should read the important information by clicking “Term and Rate” And “Reward Program Terms”
  • Then choose your favorite design style. There are a total of 5 different styles to help you personalize your Venmo credit card. Once style is selected, click “Next”.
  • Once your account is opened, carefully read the information on the approval page
  • Finally, you just have to wait for the physical card to be shipped to your address.

A unique feature of the Venmo credit card is that it has the feature to return your cash to crypto. To enable this feature:

  • Go to Main Menu
  • Go to settings
  • Turn on buy money
  • Choose one of 4 currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin
  • Choose “ Done”

After completing the above operations, the refunds from the Venmo transaction will be used to buy cryptocurrency. You can keep or trade it. You can also post this on your timeline to share with your friends.

Instructions for securing credit cards on Venmo

  • If you find that there is a suspicious transaction on your credit card through Venmo, call the help center at 855-878-6462 to report the transaction.
  • In the event that your Venmo credit card is lost or stolen, you can request it to be disabled by calling the hotline above or using the Venmo app.
  • If you need a new number replacement for your virtual Venmo credit card, go to the “Venmo credit card” section and select “Request a new virtual card number”. You can only claim once every 24 hours.


Above are detailed instructions on how to link Venmo to a credit card. The information is updated based on the latest Venmo policy. With these ways, you can flex your cash flow and have a more seamless experience with transactions through Venmo. One important thing to keep in mind when using a credit card is to keep an eye on the card’s payment limit. In addition, Venmo also has the ability to transfer money from your bank account to your credit card so you can continue to use it for payments. You can learn more about this section for your own use.

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