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The Covid wave has changed the shopping habits of consumers. Many people tend to shop more in installments, especially when they buy mobile phone products. Fortunately, the popular e-commerce platform Amazon has a user support policy. That is the Monthly Payments program. In this article, we will provide full information about this policy and instructions for participating in Amazon’s Monthly Payments program. We’ll also recommend some phones that you can buy now and pay later without a credit check on Amazon. Check it out now.

About Amazon’s Monthly Payments Program

This is a program guaranteed by Amazon that allows buyers to split payments at the same price for the same product at no extra cost. You will pay the first payment when you receive the product, then you will pay the remaining balance monthly.

Advantages that make you should refer to Amazon’s Monthly Payments program:

  • Your total payout is equal to the one-time payment method, at no extra cost
  • No credit check, easy to review
  • Helping you to be flexible with cash flow, owning the items you dream of without having to worry about finances

Conditions for you to participate in this program

  • Not all phone products are eligible for this policy
  • Depending on where you live, you may be charged a tax
  • Total purchase value must be $50 or more
  • You cannot transfer to anyone else or combine multiple offers at the same time
  • To be eligible for the monthly payment offer, you must be a resident of the United States, have been on Amazon for 1 year or more, and have linked a valid credit card
  • Normally, your payment will be divided into 5 installments according to the following table:
PayDate due
Initial paymentDelivery date
First payment30 days from the date of delivery
Second cost60 days from the date of delivery
Third payment90 days from the date of delivery
Fourth payment120 days from the date of delivery

Instructions to register to buy before pay after phones on Amazon

  • Step 1, log in to your Amazon account. Please ensure that your account has met the above conditions.
  • Search for the phone you want to buy and make sure it has a monthly payment plan
  • When adding products to your cart, select the “5 monthly payments” option in the right corner of the desktop or below the product (when using a mobile device).
  • You’ll see your first initial payment plus the shipping amount to be paid when your item is shipped.
  • The remaining balance will be automatically charged to your credit card in equal payments. You will pay according to the above schedule.

Recommended phones on Amazon

1. Sony Xperia XA unlocked smartphone

Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Check 1

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This is an Android phone, first sold in 2016. And it’s one of the best-selling prepaid phones on Amazon. The product has 5 personality colors for you to choose according to your liking. The main camera of the product is 13MP Exmor RS, which helps users focus super fast when taking pictures. The 8MP Exmor R front camera has a wide angle to help you take selfies with family and friends comfortably. Although this phone only has 16GB internal memory, but you can expand it by retrofitting a 200GB MicroSD card, you won’t have to worry about data storage issues.

2. Moto G (4th Generation)

Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Check 2

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Moto G (4th Generation) is a phone with a strong and minimalist design. One of the outstanding advantages of this phone is its extremely fast charging speed. It is equipped with a 5.5 inch screen. In October 2021, this phone line continuously sold out. This shows that it is highly sought after by consumers.

3. Honor 5X Unlocked Smartphone

Buy Now Pay Later Phones No Credit Check 3

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Honor 5X Unlocked Smartphone gives you up to 3 slots and a microSD card of up to 128GB capacity. This phone case is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that feels extremely strong and solid. The product is equipped with a trendy fingerprint sensor, 1080P image processing camera and can also take wide-angle shots. This phone has all the things users wish for.

Buy now pay phone later through 3rd party

If you don’t qualify for Amazon’s Monthly Payments program, you can instantly buy postpaid phones using payment apps or credit cards. Here are some other options:

1. Use a Venmo credit card

Venmo is a popular payment app in the US, and for some eligible users, Venmo will offer them a credit card with a certain limit. You just need to register and activate your card and you can shop with your Venmo credit card anywhere. In addition, you can also use your virtual credit card number to shop on Amazon. Venmo is currently offering a $100 cash gift when opening the card. Specifically: in the first 6 months when opening the card, if you spend $1000, you will get $100 back. If you don’t have a Venmo credit card yet, hurry up and sign up.

2. Use Affirm to fund your order

Recently, Amazon partnered with Affirm to promote an additional post-payment program for users. When you apply for pre-paid post-purchase under this method, Affirm will run a “soft credit check” to check if your transaction meets the program. This means you don’t need to check your credit.

3. Using the ZIP app

ZIP is the new name of Quadpay financial application. It allows you to split your payment in 4 installments, over 6 weeks, with no interest added. You only need to pay 25% of the payment upfront. Instructions for using ZIP on Amazon:

  • Go to the ZIP app
  • Amazon Search
  • Add the product you want to buy to the cart, then click “Pay with ZIP”
  • You have completed the transaction, you have 6 weeks to pay the remaining balance


It’s not that hard to buy phones in advance, pay later, and don’t need a credit check. In addition to joining the Direct Monthly Payments program from Amazon. You can use e-wallets like Venmo to join this utility. Today, to attract consumers, most sellers apply interest-free installment policies. Hope the above information is really helpful to you. Please share this post if you find it interesting.

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