Best Weighted Keyboard Under 300

Best Weighted Keyboard Under 300: The Top 3 Picks

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  1. Studiologic Numa-Stage

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Features And What We Like About It:

The Numa-Stage includes the highest point of the line Fatar TP40W keyboard activity with genuine wood and ivory feel keys. Fatar key-beds have been utilized in the absolute best keyboards on the planet for a considerable length of time and this one is something extraordinary.


The mix of genuine wood and reenacted ivory key-tops makes the Numa-Stage feel incredibly credible. Everything from the heaviness of the keys to the manner in which they hold your fingertips is spot on.


There are two thousand piano sounds, show terrific, and organize amazing, both are incredibly expressive with the show excellent maybe being progressively fit to solo execution. Just as the piano sounds, there are a further 10 sounds included electric pianos, organs, and cushions from StudioLogic’s TRS (True Sound) sound motor.


The Numa-Stage additionally accompanies a locally available EQ area and impacts segment including theme, revolving, phaser, and the sky is the limit from there.




  • Great value for cash.


  • Feels mind-blowing.


  • Amazing piano sounds.




  • Only has 12 instruments.


When you consider, the cost, the playing knowledge, and the piano solid, the Numa-Stage is our most noteworthy appraised full-size keyboard piano. In the event that you need in excess of 12 sounds, at that point it’s a non-starter however on the off chance that it’s about the piano and feel, it would be ideal if you give this a shot.


The blend of the genuine wood keys and reenacted ivory tops feels credible and just makes you need to play. In summary, it’s practical, expressive, sounds astounding and it’s a delight to play.

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  1. Korg Grandstage 88

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Features And What We Like About It:

The Korg Grandstage 88Key is a major ordeal, actually. It’s huge, substantial, and costly however what you receive consequently is a standout amongst other weighted keyboards you will ever play. Korg’s RH3 evaluated sled activity key-bed was created in Japan by a little group of master skilled workers and the outcomes are staggering.


Korg made the Grandstage 88 to be a definitive stage piano for genuine entertainers. The SGX-2 motor is amazing, particularly the 6 acoustic piano voices. Generally, there are 500 voices to browse however the most amazing thing is that it is so natural to switch between them rapidly.


The format of the Grandstage 88 has been structured in view of execution with highlights like a top choices segment to in a split second review your most utilized voices. Notwithstanding tweaking your sound is anything but difficult to do while performing with no menu-plunging with a committed EQ and impacts area.


A standout amongst other accessible controls is committed elements to handle that gives you a chance to modify various parameters of expressivity while playing. Since this keyboard is on the bigger side it’s important that it accompanies a smooth looking yet powerful stand that is completely movable.




  • Simple UI.


  • Dedicated elements area.


  • Amazing piano sounds.


  • Ultra-reasonable feels.


  • Authentic impacts.




  • Best suits an unmistakable sort of player – jazz.


The Grandstage 88 is a stunning keyboard, there’s no uncertainty it’s extraordinary compared to other full-size keyboard pianos. The main slight analysis is that while there are 500 voices, they are varieties of a littler center gathering so the scope of instruments isn’t as wide as you may suspect. Having said that, on the off chance that you are purchasing the Grandstage 88, at that point you are presumably getting it for its piano experience at any rate.


It’s reasonable for any entertainer however maybe most fit to a jazz piano player, it just sits preferably around there over it does traditional or pop.

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  1. Roland RD-2000

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Features And What We Like About It:

The Roland RD keyboard range is another that has been around everlastingly it appears. They have consistently been great keyboards for training or execution yet this specific model, the RD-2000 is equipped towards live use.


There are two separate sound motors for acoustic and electric voices, the SuperNatural Piano motor and the V-Piano motor. To be completely forthright, this would have been an incredible keyboard with only one sound motor like past models yet the commitment to getting the most ideal tone from acoustic and electric pianos appears.


Probably the coolest element for live execution is that the RD-2000 will fill in as a USB/MIDI interface. In this way, it will completely incorporate with your PC/DAW arrangement in front of an audience giving you a chance to course synths from your PC through the RD-2000’s processor with zero idleness.


It additionally accompanies eight control handles and nine sliders which are altogether LED lit for simple use on a dull stage. You can control and change different parameters of your tone/impacts progressively.




  • Very valid feel.


  • Extremely adaptable in live use.


  • Integrates well with real DAWs.


  • Zero-inactivity processor.




  • Not as useful for home use or general practice.


I have a weakness for the Roland RD range having claimed a few of them and they have never allowed me to down. I additionally will in general go for keyboards that vibe bona fide over keyboards with bunches of lights and handles and so forth. Nonetheless, this is the best of the two universes, Roland keyboards, particularly at this level, consistently feel extraordinary. The RD-2000 is extraordinary compared to other evaluated keyboards with weighted keys on anyone list or if nothing else it ought to be.

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