Best Synthesizer For Live Performance

Best Synthesizer For Live Performance: Top 3 Picks

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  1. Sequential Prophet X

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Features And What We Like About It:

The Prophet X is a top of the line synthesizer by manufacturer Dave Smith who has been a leader in this market. Some time ago known as Dave Smith Instruments, the organization is currently called Sequential and the Prophet X is the best Sequential synth to date.


The Prophet X consolidates simple with the test-based union in a joint effort with 8Dio. 8Dio is an organization known to be specialists in what they call profound testing.


At the core of the Prophet X, you have a 61-key, semi-weighted, 32-note polyphony synth with two high-goals advanced oscillators. In spite of the fact that being carefully controlled, everything goes through simple channels for a genuinely legitimate encounter.


The synth motor provides the exemplary sine, saw, or heartbeat waveforms that you anticipate from a Prophet, this time with significantly greater adaptability. You can physically change the width of any waveform or utilize one of 4 LFO’s, 4 loopable envelope generators, or the 16-opening mod framework to include surface.


The example motor keeps running on 150gb of test content from 8Dio with an extra 50gb of space to transfer your examples.


The Prophet X likewise accompanies a poly step sequencer which gives you a chance to record 6 notes for each progression for up to 64 stages. A double impacts motor provides two impacts for every layer and there are some shocking stage, flang, contortion impacts, and significantly more. To the extent, the network goes, and so on, it has it alongside 3 OLED showcases making it incredible for studio or stage work.




  • Comes from a long queue of attractive Prophet synths.


  • Lots of availability.


  • Huge double impacts motor.


  • Poly step sequencer.


  • 150gb of 8Dio example content.


  • 3 OLED shows.


  • Lots of balance sources.




  • It all comes at an exceptionally high cost, but worth it.


There is no denying the Prophet X is a flat out brute. It’s difficult to cover every one of the complexities of this synthesizer in a smaller than normal audit.


The cooperation with 8Dio is a triumph; nobody does profound examining just as they do. An immediate consequence of that joint effort is that the Prophet X has some excellent piano voices, something that numerous synths are inadequate.


The 16 opening mod lattice alongside the locally available LFO’s and impacts are fit for molding some unfathomable fixes and making one of a kind rhythms and surfaces.


Anybody from an EDM Producer to a Hollywood motion picture arranger could pick up greatly from adding a Prophet X to their weapons store. The main issue is that value, it’s not to propose it does not merit each penny however for the normal artist, it’s positively major speculation.

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  1. Novation Peak

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Features And What We Like About It:

The Peak is another offering from Novation who is known for making the Peak, a long-term top of the line synthesizer. This option contains 2 Novation Peak synth motors so it’s amazing. Check it out here for more details.


It’s a semi-weighted 61-key, 2 sections, 8 voice polyphonic synth with some stunning simple qualifications. It has a genuine stereo simple sign way with double simple multimode channels, simple VCA’s, and simply mutilation.


This is a synth that the perfectionists will love. It utilizes 3 advanced oscillators for every voice. It permits 2 LFO’s per voice with an amp envelope and 2 mod envelopes. The state variable channel permits pre-channel overdrive and post-channel bending.


The Summit offers 16 adjustment openings for each fix and a plenitude of mod sources. The locally available impacts are per part and incorporate simple contortion, 3 tune types, and 16 sorts of deferral.


The Summit is housed in a metal case with wood closes and the front board is astoundingly very much spread out for such a perplexing machine.




  • 2 Peak synths.


  • True stereo simple sign way.


  • Highly adaptable patches.


  • Lots of locally available impacts.




  • High cost.


Posting the cost as the main thing in the con rundown is on the grounds that we can’t discover whatever else. The Summit has a portion of the absolute best fixes I’ve at any point heard, particularly the true to life cushions/surfaces.


The Peak synth was unbelievably incredible so a motor running 2 Peaks appears to be boundless. You could undoubtedly, without embellishment, play this synth consistently for a year and make another sound inevitably. If you are thinking about getting one at this time check it out today.

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  1. Roland JD-XA

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Features And What We Like About It:

The Roland JD-XA is a 49-key simple/advanced cross breed synthesizer; max polyphony is 4 voices for simple and 64 voices for computerized. The keys are speed touchy with aftertouch that can make some incredible impacts whenever utilized effectively.


It’s an incredible beginning stage for synthesis too as it accompanies an exceptionally decent 16-track sequencer, not all synths have this. Locally available impacts are bounteous, worldwide and embed, including some flawless reverbs, deferrals, and EQ so you have full control of your sound.


It additionally accompanies loads of network, USB for MIDI capacities, CV/door yields, a simple dry yield jack, a tick yield jack, foot pedal jacks, and obviously the primary yield jacks.




  • Analog/Digital half and a half make some remarkable sounds.


  • User-accommodating controls.


  • Lots of networks (USB, CV/entryway, and so on).


  • Lots of top-notch locally available impacts.




  • 61-keys would be better if being utilized as a focal point of your studio arrangement.

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