Intrinsically Safe Smart Watch

Intrinsically Safe Smart Watch: Top 3 Picks

We have picked the top 3 intrinsically safe smart watch available now. Check out the information below before you decide on which one to buy.



1) Apple Watch Series 4

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Highlights and What We Like About It:




  • Simple to utilize interface


  • Customization


  • Smooth plan


  • The top tier pulse sensor




  • Just for iPhone clients


  • Short 18-hour battery life


  • Simple to utilize interface


Of all the smartwatches we tried, the Apple watch Series 4 is by a long shot the most effortless to utilize. The touchscreen, catch, and dial helps you zoom in and out and move among applications, and Apple significantly extended the screen measure with its most recent model. The Series 4 is accessible in 40 mm and 44 mm (contrasted with the Series 3’s 38 mm and 42 mm alternatives), however, it likewise disposes of a sizeable outskirt around the edges, so the screen is really 30% greater with just a 2 mm increment in all outsize. This made it simple to overlook that we were composing on a screen generally the size of an Oreo. We likewise cherished Apple’s application landing page, which shows the majority of the applications as symbols in a honeycomb-like showcase. You can utilize the touchscreen to move around, and the dial to zoom in or work out, to unequivocally tap on the one you need.


Having the option to alter the watch countenances and formats made the Series 4 a shoo-in for our rundown of best smartwatches. Much like you can redo the home screen on your iPhone, you can change the format of applications and even presentation the climate. While you can’t select outsider plans, you do have 12 distinctive watch appearances to play with. Tinker with shading plans, include or expel gadgets (called “entanglements” on the application), and choose whether you need to have every one of the twelve appearances accessible on your watch (we constantly like having alternatives), or cut back.


Smooth Structure


Nothing unexpected, Apple realizes what they’re doing when they plan a home item. The Series 4 has a fresh, excellent, high-goals screen that is enormous enough with the goal that you can without much of a stretch tap the right console letters, yet circumspect enough that you don’t feel like you tied a smart telephone to your wrist. Also, much like different increases to the Apple suite, Series 4 is especially smooth and jazzy. Everything from the route to the screen designs has been advanced to use the accessible space.


The Top Tier Pulse Sensor


Most smartwatches use the bloodstream to gauge pulse, however, the Apple watch Series 4 is the first with a worked in FDA approved electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG). This estimates electrical flag in your heart and is ordinarily done in a specialist’s office by joining sensors to the chest. Basically, it’s the highest quality level for pulse observing, and the Series 4 denotes the first run through it’s accessible in a direct-to-buyer item. The smartwatch uses cathodes on the crown and sensors on the back of the watch, enabling it to watch out for heart rhythms and send warnings for sporadic heart rhythms like atrial fibrillation (AFib), and give you a full ECG in around 30 seconds.


Just For iPhone Clients


This watch won’t work except if you have an iPhone. In any case, it is hands-down the best smart watch for an iPhone. Different watches (counting the Fossil Venture HR) will work with an iPhone, however, won’t most likely answer calls or react to writings, and on the off chance that you need to alter the applications on your watch, you’ll have to explore the Google Play store through the watch screens.


Short 18-Hour Battery Life


One of the greatest downsides to the Apple watch is its generally short 18-hour battery life. While that may sound like bounty, it precludes a standout amongst the most utilized highlights on wearable gadgets: rest following. In the event that you need to gather information on your rest wellbeing, you’re in an ideal situation going with the Samsung Gear Sport or a devoted wellness tracker, the two of which measure battery life in days instead of hours.

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2) Samsung Gear Sport

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Features And What We Like About It:



  • Bezel route


  • Greater customization


  • Long battery life




  • Fewer applications


  • Less capacity


Bezel Route


We adored Samsung’s trademark bezel route. Rather than swiping your finger over the touchscreen more than once, you should simply delicately wind the bezel. It’s a much smoother method for looking through your rundown and it just feels progressively common. They are opposite side catches which falsehood practically flush with the side of the watch, making it hard for them to get on sleeves.


We additionally loved the delightful way the Samsung watches remote charger comes as a little stand, so you can keep your smartwatch charging on your night remain rather than your morning timer.


More Prominent Customization


Not at all like the Apple Series 4, you can get outsider watch faces alongside the default choices. Huge numbers of these outsider’s face additionally accompany adaptable gadgets so you can oversee design without jumbling up your watch. From the landing page (which shows the time and date), you can turn the bezel to get to wellness following information, similar to steps taken and calories consumed, check the climate, change the tune you’re tuning in to, or utilize any number of custom gadgets.


Long Battery Life


On the off chance that you need a smartwatch that tracks your action without spending the battery, the Gear Sport is a standout amongst the best we saw. It goes on for around three days on a solitary charge, so you can exploit the rest following highlights incorporated with the watch.


Fewer Applications


At this moment, there are not the same number of applications for the Samsung Gear Sport as you may discover with an iOS gadget like the Apple Series 4. In the event that you lean toward the extensive and regularly developing a suite of applications like you’ll discover on the App Store, at that point you should avoid this smartwatch.


Less Capacity


When we looked at the extra room of the Samsung Gear Sport with different contenders, it didn’t have the most. With 4 GB — just a fourth of what you’ll get with the Apple watch Series 4 GPS — you should deal with your applications so you don’t come up short on room. On the off chance that you like to convey the majority of your music with you and you have a broad library, you may come up short on space with the Gear Sport.

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3) Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR

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Features And What We Like About It:



  • Ultra-responsive touchscreen


  • Solid reaction time


  • Sophisticated introduction




  • Older processor


  • Only one band for wellness


Ultra-Responsive Touchscreen


This is a very stylish choice for an intrinsically safe smart watch. In spite of not having a dial or bezel to curve, or various catches, we discovered this Fossil smartwatch was still simple to explore. This is expected to some degree to its responsive touchscreen. With delicate weight, you can drag the screen down to open settings, and with light flicks, you can skim through the application rundown to rapidly locate the one you need.


Strong Reaction Time


While testing the Venture HR, we observed the reaction time to be truly strong when it came to calls and notices. The regular reaction time for a warning was something like 10 seconds. We were, be that as it may, ready to promptly disregard calls. This snappy reaction time should give you a lot of time to recover your telephone from your pocket or fish it out of your satchel.


Modern Introduction


The Venture HR is effectively a standout amongst the most attractive smartwatches we’ve had the delight of looking into. It’s likewise the most watch-like since it originates from a brand as a rule went for style as opposed to the most recent innovation. While we were caught up with flaunting the Luggage Leather form, there’s plenty of different styles and models you can browse.


Like the Apple Series 4, the Venture HR utilizes a little remote charge catch that attractively appends to the back of the watch. It confines excessively effectively, however, so you’ll need to keep the string laying on a table than hanging down to an outlet.


The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR arrangement has eleven unique models, with an assortment of band materials, from thin silicone, cowhide, and tinted or characteristic steel. Picture: Fossil


More Seasoned Processor


The Venture HR’s greatest disadvantage is that it utilizes Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor rather than the more current Snapdragon Wear 3100. The new chip would almost twofold the battery life (from the Venture HR’s present 24 hours) and present a surrounding power-sharing mode to smartwatches. All things considered, the Venture HR was smooth and responsive in our tests, and the battery life was still longer than the Apple watch Series 4.


Just One Band For Wellness


A large portion of the smartwatches we got our hands on was obviously intended to carry out the responsibility of wellness tracker and smartwatch. Venture HR is a special case. While it comes with wellness highlights like GPS following and pulse checking, it’s manufactured more for the design than wellness. For one, nine out of the ten accessible groups are made of calfskin or treated steel, making it awkward for broadened exercises. What’s more, in the event that you do settle on the one silicone band Fossil offers, you’re screwed over thanks to a dim shading.

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