Best Tech Stocks To Buy Right Now

Best Tech Stocks To Buy Right Now

Here is a short and simple summary of the 8 best tech stocks to buy right now. See below.


1) Microsoft Stock:

He became the CEO in 2014 and Satya Nadella has managed to shift the company’s focus from traditional software sales to a subscription-based recurring revenue model. Microsoft has also made great progress in cloud-based services. It is not easy as the giant Microsoft moves into new markets. But the Dow Jones is doing well, and double-digit annual earnings growth is expected in 2019 and 2020. It is a popular choice for the best tech stocks to buy right now. Microsoft continues to perform well after leaving a base with a purchase of 108 points.


2) ServiceNow Stock:

ServiceNow specialises in IT workflows. An automated workflow software provider with a capitalization in the north of $40 billion. Annual profits are expected to increase by 24% in 2019 and 38% in 2020.
A bounce from the support level would increase the stock conviction in a secondary shopping zone.


3) PayPal Stock:

Growth prospects remain bright for the leader in digital payments. The company recently participated in MercadoLibre (MELI), an e-commerce company based in Argentina. After breaking a point of purchase of 92.45, PayPal is approaching to test the line of 10 weeks.


4) Xilinx Stock:

The fast-growing chip designer saw some of the recent positive headlines. It is in the right markets at the right time between the sales of healthy chips for data centers, as well as the deployment of 5G networks. Its processors are also used in requests for artificial information.
After an 18% increase during the week ending January 25, Xilinx is also approaching a 10-week test line.


5) CyberArk Stock:

The solid performance in the group has a successful security software in a niche market. Academics often seek to reconcile networks by focusing on management with privileged administrative access to the company’s computer systems. The CyberArk software monitors and manages these privileged accounts.

CyberArk is well above 5% of the purchase zone from the 81.98 entry point, but stocks continue to trade near accuracy. Strength and support like this can often present an alternative entry.


6) iRobot:

iRobot fell badly last week after the leader in domestic robotics announced that first-quarter sales were 9.5%, falling below the 16% growth expected by Wall Street. But I think that this market was wrong.

iRobot management told investors earlier this year that the timing of the new products will bring the highest growth rates in the second and fourth quarters. And during a conference call this quarter later, iRobot argued that its growth in the first quarter was in line with its own expectations, which helped strong demand for its high-end Roomba despite recent price increases to compensate the impact of tariffs, and reaffirmed fully that the 2019 guidance on income will increase around 17% to 20% from 2018.

It probably has not helped increase the number of iRobot shares in the year prior. But for long-term investors, I think retirement is a great opportunity to think about opening or adding a position in iRobot today.


7) Okta:

Okta could be one of the best technological companies you’ve never heard of. The share price has been higher than 300% in the last three years, 50% of the income has been questioned in the last quarter and its business is based on the identity access management (IAM) industry, which is growing rapidly but without using
IAM, where users have specific access to certain areas of the files or websites of a company, is the means by which companies access users to data management. The industry is expected to grow in its market by $22.7 billion by 2025, and Okta is in charge of the position. The company reported quarterly results last month, And customer growth increased by 40% to 6,100. More significantly, the number of customers who spent $100,000 or more per year with Okta increased by 50% since the quarter since then.

Investors should know that Okta is not suggested to be profitable, but the company is making progress on some financial metrics. Okta gross margin improved in the last quarter to 72.8%, while the company had the second quarter of free cash flow which reached $4.8 million in the fourth quarter.

For investors looking for high-tech stocks that still have room to run, Okta may be the company you’re looking for.


8) Intel:

This semiconductor giant fell hard times last week. First, Intel reported the results of a solid first quarter but also reduced its guidance targets for the entire year. The company then announced that it will leave the mobile device market plus, leaving a portfolio of backup products for many high-end smartphones, including Apple’s new iPhone models (NASDAQ: AAPL) 2018.

At this point, stocks and yield represent 52-week operations that are only quite negative at 11.9 times for final gains.


In closing, these are our highlights for the 8 best tech stocks to buy right now. This information is for educational purposse only and does not constitue financial advice. Also, remember that your investments can go down as well as up.


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