Best Tablet For General Contractors

Best Tablet For General Contractors

Here are the 2 top picks for the best tablet for general contractors that I picked out. Have a look at the information below before deciding which one to buy. Click the blue buttons to see more details on


  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A


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This Samsung Galaxy tablet has a quite helpful measurement (10 inches = 25.4 cm), is frequently purchased together with the S Pen and offers you the assurance of a solid brand.

This is a reliable tablet and a great choice for the best tablet for general contractors because it comes with 32GB of storage that can expand up to 256GB.

Plus, the battery is superior to other comparative gadgets and effectively remains charged for 12 to 15 hours, which is a good amount of time to be outside on the road or for use at a development.

On the off-chance that you are utilized to Android, at that point this Samsung Galaxy Tab A will be a victor! Check it out today.


  1. Apple iPad Pro

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The notoriety of the Apple gadgets depends on the speed (incredible processors) and convenience, and the Apple iPad Pro absolutely meets the two criteria.

While this is not the latest model on the market, we choose this one because of its premium quality and it is definitely worth checking it out.

In the event that you already possess some Apple items, (for example, MacBook or iPhone) and you are looking for a tablet (10.5-inches or more in screen size) of top-notch then this iPad Pro is a decent decision.

It will help you to get your work done as the battery lasts for 9 – 10 hours.

In addition, it is an exceptionally quick tablet that was intended to imitate a MacBook in tablet structure.

If you’re an Apple fan then this will be the best tablet for general contractors in our opinion.

It is likewise it was one of the best iOS tablets before the newer models.

Plus, it gives you access to the Apps that you have to carry out your responsibilities effectively.

The App Store likewise contains more Apps for the development segment than Google Play (for Android Apps), which is slightly preferred contrasted with Android gadgets.

This iPad is solid and it will work quickly in fair outdoor conditions (keep it dry).

Lastly, customers say that it works as advertised and there is no substitute for this tablet.




In the event that you need to utilize a link to exchange your photos to a PC it is easy to connect an android tablet to any device.

Whereas, the iPad will be a better choice if you already have some other Apple tech for your work.

In the case of making field reports or records, regulatory updates it can get tedious.

You can squander a great deal of time by trying to get paperwork done as a contractor. This is why the best tablet for general contractors can help you out.

It’s a present-day innovation to make your activity much more effective.

You can update your reports and tasks while you are on site or with a client.

As a result, you’ll be expanding your profitability with respect to worksite-related exercises.

There are 2 necessary components for the best tablet for general contractors:

1) Practicality

A tablet is a prominent gadget to use in the development business. A telephone is typically too little to even think about seeing floorplans obviously on or to work out remarks. A workstation basically isn’t helpful to carry around on the work site, is effectively harmed and you can’t take pictures with it. The tablet consolidates the helpful parts of a telephone (simple to take pictures with on the work site) and a PC (to work out remarks and notes).


2) Durability

In addition to that, you will need a strong tablet that can take a few drops without smashing.

Thus, a well-secured tablet is much of the time the better alternative to using on a work site.


We have picked out the 2 best tablets for general contractors above.

However, below are some tips on making a great choice so that you can settle on the correct decision for you, with respect to your own needs and inclinations:


Size of the Screen

This relies upon what precisely you wish to achieve with your gadget on the development job site.

In the event that you want to keep it brief on the work site (for example for the most part taking pictures with all over some center comments) a cell phone could get the job done.

Composing (long) messages or working with floor plans is obviously considerably more challenging with a phone. So this is where a tablet with a bigger sized screen comes in handy.

On the off-chance that you wish to utilize your gadget seriously on the work site (for example working out of writings, taking a gander at archives, and so on) a standard tablet, (for example, a Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad Pro) with a 10 or 13-inch screen is likely appropriate.

Go for a smaller screen if you want to carry in your briefcase or coat pocket.

Yet, that is more advantageous than a cell phone for composing in content and the opening, perusing and altering of archives.

For example, the iPad little with a 7.9-inch screen or Android models of a similar size.

This is a mainstream choice among clients.



The RAM memory that you choose for the speed of your gadget is also important.

1GB of RAM should get the job done for most applications, however, large programs more RAM might be required.

Likewise, if you want to run several programs at the same time then get a tablet with more RAM.



In the event that you are out and about the whole day, which is very common for general contractors or when you are a site director in development, a security organizer or a planner, it is best that you utilize a tablet that will last during that time.

In this way, search for gadgets of which the battery endures for at least 9 hours to get you through the workday.

The tablets we mentioned above average at around 10 – 13 hours of battery life.

An easy workaround is to keep a charger in the vehicle if you’re on the road a lot.

In closing, whichever tablet that you choose it will empower you to get the job done well and stay on top of your tasks when you drive from one client to another.

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Thanks for checking out our summary of the best tablet for general contractors.


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