Best Laptop For Real Estate Investors

3 Best Laptop For Real Estate Investors

Is it accurate to say that you are a real estate specialist hoping to get a lightweight and ground-breaking LAPTOP to get more clients and deals? In the event that YES is your answer, here are our top 3 picks for the best laptop for real estate investors.


1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a perfect choice for a real estate broker. It is lightweight, smaller and powerful. We’ll discuss in detail why this is is a top pick for the best laptop for real estate investors.

This is a 2-in-1 touchscreen Laptop which implies you can either utilize it as a tablet or a LAPTOP according to your circumstance. The body of the workstation is made of magnesium packaging and it truly feels premium.

It accompanies 12.3 PixelSense show with the goals of 2736 x1824. The PPI of the showcase is 267. The presentation is great to peruse and take customary notes however it isn’t the best showcase to watch recordings.

If you are getting a LAPTOP for both work and amusement (watching recordings), at that point, this may not the correct decision for you.

Microsoft has included a kickstand on the back. If you are utilizing the Surface Pro 4 with a customer, at that point you can rapidly demonstrate notes or take notes by rapidly opening the kickstand.

One of downsides about this laptop is, you have to purchase the keyboard device seperately. The gadget itself costs around $700 and the keyboard is about $90 which makes all-out expenses of the workstation near $800. Both the console and keyboard work astoundingly well however you should consider your spending limit before purchasing this one.

This recommendation for the Surface PRo 4 includes the Pen. This works fine and in the event that you are into illustration, it’ll be extremely useful for you. 

With regards to capacity, it has 256GB SSD alongside 8GB RAM. The processor inside this gadget is sixth Gen Intel Core i5. The LAPTOP performs incredible and performing multiple tasks on this gadget is certainly not a major ordeal by any means. You can utilize Google Chrome, Photoshop, and various programming immediately with no issues.

Aside from general use, you can play some easygoing videos at a good rate.

If you are a busy real estate investor who doesn’t play amusements, you can stretch out the 5-6 hours of battery life on a solitary charge.


2. Asus C201

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Looking for under financial limit of $500, or even $400?

Don’t worry about it. The Asus C201 is here for you which costs under $350. It has a great 13-hour battery life if you are always on the go. A great cheaper option for the best laptop for real estate investors

The Asus C201 is not a customary LAPTOP with Windows or Mac OS. It is really a Chromebook which keeps running on Chrome OS.

If you aren’t acquainted with a Chromebook or Chrome OS, to put it plainly, Chromebook is intended to peruse the web, without downloading programs onto the hard drive. You can watch recordings and use Google applications. You can’t introduce basic programming, for example, MS office on a Chromebook.

As a rule, Chromebook is intended for writing, checking emails and using cloud software. Yet, I’m proposing this laptop for a real estate specialist on the grounds that not every person needs to spend a great deal of cash just to peruse the web.

The laptop is made of plastic yet it feels strong. It has a 11.6 Inch screen size which works out well.

Also, this LAPTOP has 16GB SSD hard drive which may not be sufficient for many individuals. But rather, a Chromebook doesn’t accompany a big hard drive. It accompanies 4GB DDR3 RAM which is adequate to run a large portion of the applications easily.

Another one of a kind thing about the LAPTOP is, it accompanies Rockchip RK3288 processor rather than any Intel processors. This Rockchip processor is made particularly for tablet gadgets however It additionally works amazingly quick in this Chromebook as well.

This laptop which depends for the most part on an Internet association accompanies 802.11ac Wireless network. It works splendidly fine and you won’t need to confront any drops in your system network.

Much the same as the above Surface Pro, the Asus C201 is convenient and weighs just 2 pounds. On the off chance that you are a real estate agent who makes a trip a great deal to meet with customers and demonstrate your information from your LAPTOP, this Chromebook is a decent choice for you.

There is nothing to grumble about. The speakers on the base of the LAPTOP don’t get loud but you can play music in your car. This might concern thing for certain individuals out there.

An incredible aspect concerning this LAPTOP is its amazing battery life. You can expect at any rate 10 hours of battery life on Asus C201 which is phenomenal for a workstation which under $300. Check it out today.


3. Apple Macbook Pro 13″

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If you have a spending limit between $1000 -$1500 and you are comfortable with Apple items, for example, iPad, iPhone and so forth, then you can definitely check out this MacBook Pro. It’s an amazing machine for your real estate business.

This is a multi-purpose workstation which can be utilized for your work, playtime or some other sort of creative innovation. Aside from gaming, you can push this LAPTOP to any dimension and it’ll perform fine.

The MacBook Pro accompanies an excellent 13.3-inch Retina screen and you’ll be blown away by the presentation of this workstation. No doubt, this is a standout amongst the best laptop you’ll get your hands on the present moment.

The model which I’m talking about here costs around $1400 which incldues the touch bar. You can use the touch bad to quickly see different versions of photos when editing. There are not many different models accessible on Amazon which doesn’t accompany contact bar. It could cost you less yet a touch bar is a pleasant element to have on a MacBook Pro. Also, by utilizing the touch bar, you can open things like Apple Pay and more.

It accompanies 256GB SSD and 8GB DDR3 RAM. The processor inside is Intel Core i5 making it quick.

If you are a Windows client and thinking to get this MacBook Pro, don’t worry, you can get used to it and appreciate the smooth execution of Mac OS.

There are 2 Thunderbolt 3 USB ports and no old version of the USB ports. This can be a problem area because some customers say taht they wish there was a port on the right-hand side. Additionally, one of the ports needs to be used to charge the laptop so it can’t be used for accessories as freely.

Despite that, the battery life on the workstation is quite astonishing I would state. You can expect around 8-10 hours on a single charge.

In conclusion, despite the fact that the MacBook Pro is very costly it is a standout amongst the best laptop for real estate investors can purchase at the present time.



The majority of the laptops above are lightweight though some of them are more of an investment.

In any case, each LAPTOP on this rundown is incredible and can perform all of your desires.

Thank you for checking out today’s summary about the best laptop for real estate investors.


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