Best Podcast Headphones Under $50

The use of high-quality headphones is critical to the success of any podcaster, be it a neophyte or a veteran. Nobody wants to listen to a bad-sounding podcast. So, you should get decent headphones to get more information when listening to your podcast. When you hear the words “the best headphones,” do you usually think of the most expensive products? While it’s true that price affects the build and sound quality of the headphones, that doesn’t mean you can’t get high-quality podcast headphones at a low price. So let’s talk about best podcast headphones under $50.

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Top 5 Best Podcast Headphones under $50

1. OneOdio Wired Headphones:

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OneOdio is a headphone manufacturer with a focus on the music industry, but these wired headphones consistently receive high marks for comfort and overall value for digital recorders of any kind. While these headphones are non-returnable, they do come with an adjustable headband, swivel ear cups and an accessory pack with cables, a 1/4 “TRS adapter, and a carrying case.

2. Superlux HD-681 EVO Professional Monitoring Headphones:

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One such product offered by this brand is the EVO HD-681. This is a studio headset that initially offers a clear aesthetic value. Apart from this, it is also designed to offer a secure fit and a good level of comfort. The headphones may not be completely ready in terms of the comfort they offer. Trying to change them will improve your comfort level. Looking beyond the not-so-good white plastic chassis, we took a look at the core of these headphones and those are the drivers that these headphones excel at.

3. Behringer HPS3000 mixing headphones:

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This headset is a testament to this unchanging approach. The HPS3000 is a really low-priced headset designed to look a lot more expensive than it actually is. They may not be made from the best materials, but they look great. The headband and cute padded ear cups provide comfort and a good fit. This, combined with its overall lightweight design, ensures that it can be worn for extended periods without undue discomfort.

4. CAD Audio MH110 Closed-Back Studio Headphones:

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The MH110 is a product designed for professional monitoring, which makes it very suitable for use in a studio environment. It is a closed headphone aimed at very low budget buyers. The brand’s focus was clearly on fixing the headphone earbuds, so it was left out in other areas, like the materials used for the chassis, which are quite inexpensive. The design is pretty standard too with foldable ear cups, padded headband, and ear cushions.

5. OneOdio Studio Pro-10 Recording Studio Headphones:

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One such product is the Pro-10, a professional closed-back headset designed to deliver professional sound quality and durability in a comfortable and beautiful design. It has a collapsible design that allows for easy storage and portability. The headphones also rotate, making it easy to monitor one ear. For added comfort, the headphones are well padded and covered with synthetic leather. They are comfortable, but they can feel a bit too comfortable, especially since they have a round shape instead of the oval shape that best suits the shape of the ears. The headband is also designed to increase the fit and comfort offered by the headphones. It is adjustable and you can extend it to get the correct fit.

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