Best Microphone For Recording Vocals On Computer

Microphone For Recording Vocals On Computer: The Top Picks

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  1. Shure SM7B – Best Recording Microphone

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Features And What We Like About It:


Utilized by various celebrated vocalists running a wide range of various sorts, clearly Shure accomplished something amazing with the Shure SM7B Microphone. Sheryl Crow, Serj Tankian and Michael Jackson, to give some examples, went with the first model, with the SM7B being the more up to date version. Definitely check it out today.


Fundamentally the same as the MD421 II by Sennheiser, this model offers an exceptionally high max SPL too, implying that you can without much of a stretch use it for different instruments, and even drums.


As far as execution, the majority of the positive input originates from the male vocal networks, as this model can deal with lows incredibly well.


Controls incorporate bass move off just as mid-extend accentuation and nearness lift control. It’s actually this and the excellent hardware inside that make it so flexible and simple to utilize.




  • Very solid form


  • Used by numerous popular specialists


  • Great for uproarious sounds


  • Useful on-board controls




  • Slightly lower yield level


  • Noise-dropping can be a piece limiting


In this way, on the off chance that you confide in computer performers, and need amazing gear for your studio, the SM7B by Shure is indeed the best approach.

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  1. Akg P420

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Features And What We Like About It:


On the off chance that you don’t have the money to spend on a Shure, you can’t turn out badly with the AKG P420 microphone, it is currently selling at a lower price (check it out). Best in class innovation from a trustworthy brand you can trust.


Much like Audio-Technica, AKG is applauded as outstanding amongst other sound brands available. How about we see what their P420 condenser microphone needs to bring to the table.


The P420 is generally reasonable, however, can at present ensure amazing execution.


Contingent upon the event, you can without much of a stretch change to an appropriate preset. Utilize the omnidirectional example for recording different individuals without a moment’s delay, or for exploring different avenues regarding different microphone positions and arrangements.


As it offers a maximum SPL of 155dB, you can rely on the P420 to give you warm and regular sounding recordings, regardless of what the style of singing or kind being referred to might be.

With enough time spent on finding the correct position, you can even utilize various P420s for some extraordinary sounding surrounding recordings if that is what you’re searching for.


Ideal for substantially more than the studio recording, this model will effectively supplant any microphone you may require for different events, for example, digital broadcast recording, or easygoing PC use.




  • Precise and adjusted sound following


  • Great adaptability thinking about the 3 polar example decisions


  • One mic to manage them all – incredible for a utilization


  • Amazing esteem for the cash




  • The – 20dB cushion might be a lot


  • Some clients may observe the price to be high


There is not really a superior multi-design condenser microphone than the AKG P420, both in its value extend and the following one!

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  1. MXL 770

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Features And What We Like About It:

This is such a low price it is great if you want something easy on the pocket, check it out today. This microphone is an incredible worth and ideal for amateurs with a little spending plan.

Beginning with the least expensive model on our rundown, the MXL 770 is potentially the best spending plan microphone for recording vocals you could get.


For under $100, you will get the microphone itself, a stunning mount, just as a rough stockpiling/conveying case. You can barely locate a microphone at this value go that offers all that.


The manufactured nature of this model is shockingly great. An all-metal development gives it a pleasant, substantial feel, yet it appears that it can accept a significant punch also. From its vibes, it will keep going quite a while in the event that you take great consideration of it.


The high part of the bargain benefits female vocals, as it passes on the shrill notes in a characteristic manner. The low end doesn’t fall a long ways behind, however, we wouldn’t generally suggest it for recording snarl or comparative systems.


It truly sparkles for recording classes, for example, rap or R&B. Contingent upon the EQ settings, it can sound quite warm and adjusted.




  • The best spending plan microphone for recording vocals


  • Good recurrence reaction run


  • Can be utilized for acoustic instruments too


  • Well adjusted




  • The highs here and there can be somewhat overwhelming


  • Feedback can happen



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