Review of Premium HD Rugged 4-in-1 Selfie Stick Tripod Stand Kit + Bluetooth Remote

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With the uprising demand of technology to meet every consumer’s leisure needs, each device is upgrading its features to cope up with the fast-changing techno world. Even the simplest device such as a selfie stick has now taken its features to the next level. From the simple form of putting your mobile device in a stick to capture wide range picture by setting up the timer, evolves into a selfie stick with a push-button to lessen the hassle of timer setting – in just a push you can capture your selfie with ease.

The evolution never stops from there, now selfie sticks are multi-functional as well. It can now act as a tripod stand with different height to capture better angle. This is perfect for your smartphone with high photographic function.

Featuring today’s one of the best selfie stick and the original selfie stick tripod. The SelfieStand is a multi-functional selfie stick with 3 in 1 combo and 4 modes. This is compatible with any smartphone, GoPro, and any camera. It is very rugged which is perfect for adventurous people, travel blogger, outdoor photographer – any other hobby with extreme activities that need to be captured. The 4 modes which are the Selfie stick mode, Handheld Tripod mode, Tabletop Tripod mode, and Elevated mode. Whatever angle you want you can adjust it to your own convenience. It also has a Bluetooth feature, using a Bluetooth remote to click, capture and record in a distance of up to 30 meters.

Price: $39.99

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