Best Beginner Audio Interface

Best Beginner Audio Interface: The Top 3 Picks

This Article Contains Data About The Best Beginner Audio Interface, have a look below and choose your favourite.

  1. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Second Gen)


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Features And What We Like About It:

Straightforward yet productive, the Scarlett 2i2 by Focusrite certainly demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a great deal of cash so as to get in excess of a fair Audio Interface, check it out today.


Including a pleasant makeover since the past age of this gadget, the second Gen Scarlett Audio Interface rocks 2 amplifier/instrument inputs. A flip of the switch tells the gadget which kind of information you’re utilizing and alters the increase and levels as needs be.


There are, obviously, separate increase controls for the two channels, just as a screen volume handle. You can even flip between utilizing the immediate screen alternative, and with a different level handle, you have the power over the volume on your studio screen earphones.


Scarlett 2i2 interfaces through USB on the back of the gadget and offers a rapid association of 192kHz and 24 pieces. Idleness is definitely not a problem for this Focusrite Interface, so you can completely focus on the project you’re taking a shot at.


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a moderate yet adaptable Audio Interface which is exceptionally simple to utilize and an ace. At around $150 it is an extraordinary choice for anybody searching for the best USB Audio Interface for their home studio.




  • Compact


  • Durable plan


  • Pro Tools, Ableton Live and other programming packs included


  • Straightforward and simple to utilize




  • Doesn’t have advanced information sources or yields


  • Only 2 channels can be utilized at once

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  1. PreSonus Audiobox 22VSL


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Features And What We Like About It:

Another moderate and basic approach to Audio Interfaces is the Presonus AudioBox 22VSL. The price is actually quite low so check it today.


This awful kid likewise packs 2 consolidated contributions, for amplifier and instruments. The two channels have their own level controls, just as a helpful 48 volts ghost power switch for those power-hungry gadgets you should utilize.


What the Presonus Audio Interface offers are two fantastic pre-amps inside a tough and well-planned steel body. The front games a fundamental volume handle, earphones volume handle, and a blender handle for mixing in the perfect measure of information and PC playback signal.


The back of the Presonus Interface offers a standard USB 2.0 association, both MIDI information and yield, the stereo primary out an earphone yield. Dissimilar to the Focusrite Scarlett, this gadget underpins midi controllers, making it incredible for utilizing consoles or drum cushions.


As it accompanies Studio One Artist, you’ll be secured with regards to a “free” DAW too.


All things stated, the AudioBox 22VSL fulfills every one of the requirements a beginner sound architect could have. With its presentation, assemble quality and specs, it’s certainly the best Audio Interface for under $200.




  • Very strong form


  • Clear and steady stable


  • Almost no dormancy


  • Comes with a decent DAW




  • Good for just the essential account needs


  • Can be somewhat dubious to set up and map

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  1. Avid Mbox High-Performance 4×4


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Features And What We Like About It:

The Avid Mbox Audio Interface is a great choice for beginners if you want high performance. In spite of the fact that this Interface is both PC and Apple Mac perfect, we felt it was the best one to join with Apple.


On the off chance that working in pro Tools is your thing, unquestionably consider the Avid Mbox. It arrives in a fairly pleasantly planned body and packs a serious punch.


The front of this gadget offers all the required controls, for example, a major ace level handle, earphones volume, separate channel controls just as 2 helpful catches.


The principal catch is named Dim, and by squeezing it, the gadget brings down the degrees of both the earphone and the primary yield by 30dB. The Mono catch essentially changes the stereo yield to mono.


Both of the contributions on the facade of this USB Interface have their own committed addition handles, which when pulled connect with a – 20dB cushion. As there are two Mic/Line contributions on the back of the gadget also, squeezing one of the catches on the front switches between controlling the front and back sources of info.


Having MIDI I/O alternatives other than 4 channels, close by standard screen yields and S/PDIF information and yield adjusts this gadget pleasantly.


Eager Mbox is an incredible Audio Interface to get for overhauling your semi-pro music studio. As it is perfect with most DAWs out there, it’s ensured to do an awesome activity.




  • Very very much planned


  • Offers 4 separate sources of info and MIDI in a little structure factor


  • High-quality Audio




  • The marks on the front can be difficult to peruse


  • Pretty costly

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